Another one you WON’T see on the MSM- A friend working mids at CSG USAFE (Ramstein), and three nights ago the Ramstein command post sent out a notice that the west gate of Ramstein was closed and the entire west side of the base was of limits due to a “special event”.

The Lt (ell-tee) on duty with my friend looked up from the DVD movie she was watching and mused, “Hmmmm, I wonder what it could be, maybe it’s the musical group that’s going to play at the officer’s club later this week.

My friend responded with, “ell-tee, a big blue-and-white 747 with United States of America painted on the side, landed here this evening, and is parked waaaaaaaaayyyy off in the corner, and the “president” is visiting Europe to trash America. Do you think that just maybe it might be his airplane and he is making a quick dash up to Landstuhl for some PR photos with injured
soldiers before running off to france???”

The ell-tee responded with, “Oh, yeah, you might be right”, then went back to watching her movie.

My friend said the event was kept very low key, no one was told the Lightbringer was on Ramstein or at Landstuhl, and NO one was allowed to see him or any of his gang; My thought- This was a pretty tacky way to do things; and once again a slam at the Military.

I was in the military for a long time, and I don’t recall one time when we weren’t told the President was in the area – of course he’s only brave when he can stand in front of a teleprompter and run his big mouth to trash America.

Apparently his visit with Angela Merkel didn’t go so well either.

On a different note- Finally got out of Japan, so a couple of points- On landing in Narita, we had to stay in our seats until the “nurses” in bio-hazard suits came onboard and looked at each passenger, and questioned some who had the mis-fortune to cough at the wrong time…

We had to fill out papers about where we were staying, and REALLY go through health screening lines prior to C&I (First time I have EVER seen those desks manned). Then to clear C&I, you had to have a piece of paper that said you had been through “Quarantine”.

Once we cleared C&I, I was amazed at how empty Narita was, again I have NEVER seen that few people there!

Coming out of Narita yesterday, I was talking to a businessman in the Red Carpet, he was telling me about a neighbor who finally bought an apartment in Tokyo for $2million, AND had to pay $167,000 for a PARKING SPACE!!! It is now required that you have proof of a parking space to buy a car in Japan!

Talk about Big Brother…

Off to NORCAL to sneak a couple of days with the kids… 🙂


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  1. Clinton, Part-II!
    It never ceases to amaze me how these politicos hate the very people that ensure the safety of the country.

  2. Alan- Typical of the Dems, don’t trust ANYONE that you can’t bribe, browbeat or lord your position over…

    WSF- The government already proved that with Mustang Ranch… 🙂

    Drjim- Clinton part DUH! see above…

    RT- I am 🙂

  3. I lived in Hiroshima in 1976. They had the same rule on proving you had a parking space in order to get a car.

    And The Big “O” was probably afraid to alert the military that he was in their AO. After all, they got guns and know how to use them.

  4. I can’t emagine seeing Narita “empty”.
    Been there a few times on the way to Naha.
    Always hustle-and-bustle.
    It’s somewhat better than getting laid over in Guam.


  5. I think it isn’t so much a lack of trust,but loathing and distain for those in uninform. After all, those who’ve worn one knew it stood for something bigger than them.

    Libs wouldn’t understand that.

  6. PE- Agreed!

    Skul- yeah, I do Naha on a regular basis too. And Guam… sigh… Back out there in a couple of months.

    CS- It’s that whole military thing they don’t get- Unselfish service just is NOT in their vocabulary…

  7. I was in Rhein-Main once when Nixon and Kissenger dropped in to refuel on the way to somewhere. The base closed the schools and airmen and their families flocked to Base Ops to take photos and practically surrounded the plane to the disconcert of the fuel handlers.

    This was before Watergate, Nixon was popular with a lot of folks.

  8. Crucis- My one and only up close and personal was with GWH Bush in 1991. He was supposed to just walk through ops with Mrs. Bush, and we were “background”. Instead, he stopped and talked to each one there! The SS was NOT happy about that… 🙂