THIS from the Washington Times, inside the beltway column…

From today’s you couldn’t make it up if you tried file…
Obama’s protectors have ordered graduating Midshipmen to leave their swords in their car or room, nor can they bring umbrellas to the commissioning…

I had heard about this and thought it was just a BS rumor. Apparently not…

I CANNOT tell you how pissed I am at the gaul of the Administration to pull something like this!

And I suppose Commissioned Officers through Flag rank to leave their swords at home. Full Dress White includes “wear sword”. More to the point…

Those badges of office have been earned in a manner the “president” and his minions just wouldn’t begin to understand.

Important traditions that inspire are kind of lost on the red banner crowd, apparently.

Ceremonial swords never seemed to bother the Secret Service for any previous President. And before World War II, the swords were not particularly “ceremonial”, I’ve seen some of those blades at the Navy Museum in DC and they had been well used; boarding actions did occur on the China Station pre-war against river pirates, warlords, etc. Those swords were worn not just to graduation, but to Inaugurations, in the receiving line at the White House afterward, to the Inaugural Ball. Somehow nobody gave it a second thought. Somehow even Presidents in the past didn’t presume to specify items of uniform.

But of course, what worked for Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, F.D.R., the Bushes, and others (including even Clinton), any other rational non-cult leader…..doesn’t work for this former state senator anointed by the Chicago machine.

Does he secretly consider our Naval and Military leaders “the enemy”? Perhaps the message this sends escaped his handlers.

Sad, sad, sad; and follow me on this Mr. president and minions…..

It is insulting and contemptible beyond belief!!!

That is all.


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  1. This makes me so fucking angry I can’t help myself. Who the F*&^ does he think he is????? MY GOD someone has to stop him, he is pissing all over our armed forces, America, our country, OUR PEOPLE not his………..

    His flagrant disregard for OUR RITUALS, OUR HONOR, OUR HISTORY makes me want to throw up.

    Please let there be an UPROAR about this. Please let the MSM pick up on this and blast it all over the news.

    God Bless our troops.

  2. My take… I doubt that Dear Leader had any idea of the order, nor would he have cared if he did.
    I am certain his handlers, if they knew, would not care either. They know the major media would either not report it, or if they did would spin it.

    No… I suspect this was a Secret Service call, and one they may have tried before with former presidents but were overruled. The folks in the SS know they have one heck of a job on their hands keeping His butt out of a bag.

    It’s a safe bet any crowd not hand picked is going to have a large share of people who seriously dislike our president. Make that a conservative military crowd, trained in arms and tactics (to some degree) and I can see some guy with an earbud getting ulcers.

  3. We are not yet reduced to the rank of a Thrid World country where the Glorious Leader need fear the military. For the Administration to insinuate so is a slap in the face of everyone who serves or who has ever served.

    This is BS, pure and simple. An affirmation of the new “terrorist” watch list that includes ex-military and people who strive to achieve the American Dream.

    This idjit is working as hard as he can to destroy the very fabric of what makes America strong.

  4. Or quoting the last LT I “worked” for:
    Amazing. They trust me over the horizon with a 40-million dollar airplane, three nukes and 12 people, but not with twenty dollars cash money.”

  5. CPD- the MSM won’t touch it…

    Carteach0- I’ll find out, but i SERIOUSLY doubt this came from SS.

    JR- Good point! We are ALL extremists now, even the kids graduating from the Academies… sigh…

    Rick- Yep… sigh… we wouldn’t lose the “big” stuff, but $20 would disappear in a heartbeat 🙂

  6. I think the Secret Service leadership is certain that disarming all human bodies close (a mile or so) to the President is making him safe. Kind of like disarming the citizens of America to keep our enemies and criminals safe — a real 2A issue. It does make one thing nice — the President isn’t going to be coming to a rifle or pistol range near me soon. So I can shoot to my heart’s content.

  7. Anytime a President is afraid of his military, then that presidency is in serious trouble.

    Carter held us in contempt. Clinton used us to deflect attention from his scandals.

    I’m not sure what Obama thinks of us. I’m not convinced that he has formulated an opinion.

  8. This is as unsurprising as it infuriating. For a guy that seems to think he’s so popular, he sure does seem to be afraid of everyone.

    It seems like everywhere he goes, large areas become “off limits” to the normal users and inhabitants.

    Wasn’t a big part of the Normandy cemetery closed when he was there?

    A President that acts this afraid of his populace might be up to something that would justify that fear.

  9. Earl- Good point, but I know Bush did NOT require that when he was at the Academy.

    Pawpaw- it’s contempt not fear, we are below their concerns…

    ADM- yep…sigh…

    TOTWTYTR- Point made!

    Fuzzy- Agreed!

  10. Another example of he and/or his staff’s ineptness. The left is getting pissed at him. Check out CommonDreams.Org; the psuedo elite’s board.

  11. 1. He doesn’t care – about the Navy or our armed forces in general.

    2. He knows nothing about the services, and doesn’t care to learn. Contemptible.