A follow up…

As I mentioned in a post called Perspectives, we lost a number of people in Afghanistan and Iraq in June.

One of those was Sergeant First Class John C Beale.

The body of Sergeant First Class John C. Beale was returned to Falcon Field in Peachtree City , Georgia , just south of Atlanta , on June 11, 2009 . The Henry County Police Department escorted the procession to the funeral home in McDonough , Georgia .

A simple notice in local papers indicated the road route to be taken and the approximate time. Nowadays one can be led to believe that America no longer respects honor and no longer honors sacrifice outside the military.

This shows there are many places in this land where people still recognize the courage and impact of total self-sacrifice. Georgia remains one of those graceful places.

The link below is a short travelogue of that day’s remarkable and painful journey. But only watch this if you wish to have some of your faith in people restored.


THIS is the real America!

Not the politicians in D.C., not the talking heads on TV, not Hollyweird, not the screamers and yellers regardless of their persuasion; but the PEOPLE of America…

Those who lined that 30 miles of road, for who knows how long… Not to be on TV, not to be quoted in the media, for no other reason than to show their support for the family of one of their own who had fallen in defense of the United States.


That is all.


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  1. Thanks for sharing that with me, NFO. I cried most of the way through it- both in sadness for the loss of this young man and in joy, for the way the folks were behaving.

    If you’d asked me before watching it how I believed folks in my own state would have reacted, I’m not sure I would have said this way.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    R.I.P. SFC Beale, and may God take you to his heart.

  3. These things give us hope. Traveling around small towns and rural areas, you see things that shows the heart of this country. In Morton, TX, a closed gas station is being used to list the people from the area serving in the Armed Forces. What saddens me is the inner city residents who don’t have this sense of community.
    R.I.P. SFC Beale. Thank you for your service.

  4. A tragedy, but heartwarming to know the AMERICAN SPIRIT is alive and well, there are many of us that support our troops, this is just another example. Instead of the MJ Mess all over TV why didn’t someone cover this, It was Independence Day last week, American’s came out in droves to show their love, honor and support for this brave soul.

    God Bless America.

    God Bless SFC BEALE may he rest with the angels now.

  5. Thanks, made me choke up and proud at the same time.

    I don’t think southerners love their country any more than northerners, they’re just not afraid to show it.

    RIP SFC Beale


  6. Here in the midwest, we have Phelps infestation. A group of bikers and others now volunteer to escort military funeral processions and block disruptions by the Phelps idiots.

    A recent occurance had volunteers and other people standing road-side at every house and intersection along the way from KCI to the cemetery. About a 30 mile rural trip.

  7. Godspeed SFC Beale and God bless America, at least the part of it that isn’t to busy honoring a piece of shit pedophile like MJ.

  8. Thank you all for reading and posting… We NEED to take America back. We NEED to start next November… Please spread that link to everyone you know.

  9. Well you made me leak again! Yes, like Alan said, That IS my country! And I have sent the link to all in my book. Thanks J.

    wv-phomit, a reference to the O

  10. SFC BEALE , rest in peace man!!!
    It’s great to see how every so often ordinary folk will do something nice, and they proved it by honouring this Patriot and showing their respect and support.
    Now if we could only get folks to do this at police funerals…… may make me have faith in the world and this crappy job of being a cop again….

  11. Wow. Amazing. Thats how it should be for every returning soldier. I bawled thru most of that video.

    I consider myself very patriotic. I didnt realize how much so until my kid left last November for Great Lakes. She makes me more proud than anything in this world. Its funny. I feel she’s safer with the US Navy than running around the streets of Ft. Lauderdale with her friends.

    Thank you for your service to our Great Nation Old NFO. I’ll be following your blog if ya dont mind. 😉

    ~ Proud mother of a US NAVY Aircrewman.