Trigger time!!!

Did a mini-meet at the range today with Newbius, and it was bring an old gun to the range day…

We actually kinda sorta work together… I bitch about stuff and he actually gets it FIXED! What a novel concept 🙂

Gotta say he out did me by a bunch… I only brought ONE gun that was almost 100 years old, he brought TWO!!!

We pretty much hit just about every aspect today, from shotgun patterning, to rifles (and trying to get into the black, with limited success), to pistols (both 1917 models, but HE went with that OTHER manufacturer…), to plinking with our carry pieces. Lunch break was a little long due to our own ‘soup nazi‘, who can only do orders serially… sigh…
Mine is the pretty one on the left! And yes, I know the picture is lousy, but it IS interesting to see the comparison between two pistols built to the same requirement from two different companies! Different forcing cones, different front sight configurations, and of course HIS turns the wrong way… Of course I know Tam will like it though.
Model 37 Ithaca and yes that is a REAL Drilling- late 1800s version in 16 ga, beautiful inlays and a SMOOTH swinging gun! And I’m not even going to try to remember the caliber of the rifle, it’s a wildcat I’ve never even heard of!
All in all, a FUN day!!! Only problem is now I gotta clean the @#&* things… sigh…
Oh yeah, my “other” old gun is a new 1954 HRA M-1. And I proved yet AGAIN I can’t see straight! Bore sighted the sights in, had to go down 12 clicks and left 4 to get in the black…
We are looking for other NOVA bloggers (New Jovian Thunderbolt and Turk) poke… poke…
That like to shoot, and we can REALLY have some fun!


Trigger time!!! — 9 Comments

  1. Sigh.

    All that trouble to get a M1917, and ya wound up with the wrong one.

  2. Not my speed,but you got some nice looking guns there. Glad you had fun shooting time with your friend there.

    For I’ve found shooting should be a social event,more fun that way.

  3. The drilling rifle chamber is 9.3x72R, which was a pretty common caliber for drillings at the time it was built. Norma, RWS, and S&B all manufacture cartridges for this chambering, but they are not cheap!

    I am sorry we didn’t get to the trap and skeet range to practice on aerial targets. The drilling is a dream to swing onto birds. You will like shooting it, if we get a chance to play again. 🙂

    I had a great time. Thanks for posting the pics.


  4. Nice post,always like to see pics of different firearms and read that folks still have a good time shooting.Just this last week I was able to get a couple of interesting shotguns from an estate sale,two Lefever 12ga. Nitro specials,one 30″ and a 32″,both just need a good cleaning,since they had been stored for yrs.

  5. Rick- Win some lose the rest 🙂

    CS- Thanks! And yes, it is FUN when done safely 🙂

    Fuzzy- AMEN!

    New- Thanks, no way in hell I could remember that… My shoulder STILL hurts from the M-1!

    Diller- Sounds like you got a couple of GOOD buys!

  6. Awww, your shoulder hurts? Here’s the BenGay.

    (Just kidding NFO, had to throw that in though since you’re always moaning about that non-existent “Old Age”.)

    Glad y’all enjoyed yourselves!

  7. If that drilling had a left handed cheek piece I’d make you an offer for it. Damn nice gun.

    The Ithaca is nice but about run-of-the-mill as far as I’m concerned.

    Now that M1 Garand is sweet. I got a few of them along with one of every type of M1 Carbine ever made.

    Molon Labe,