Trigger time!!!

Finally got to the range yesterday! Sadly it’s been way too long… 150 rounds through four guns, three Glocks (G17 is Gen 1, G19 is Gen 3, G26 is Gen 2) and an old BHP. Worked multiple drills, movement at … Continue reading

Trigger time!!!

A few of my favorite things… A little shooty goodness always makes the day go better! 100 rounds of .22, 100 rounds of .38, 50 rounds of 9mm and 50 rounds of .45 to get me at least headed in the … Continue reading

Meh… I sucked…

I finally got off my ass and got to the range this morning, figuring it would be so nice folks would be out and about, but NOooo… 40 minute wait, and they were cutting you at an hour due to … Continue reading

The Caliber Wars…

The caliber wars… L-R 9mm, .40, .45 Hollow Points My perspective, for what that is worth.  This was what we did on INDEPENDENCE Day… And this is in response to a couple of emails and for my grandson. I own … Continue reading

If You REALLY Want to Frustrate Yourself…

I met up with Arctic Elf from GBC and his Father-in-law for lunch and a bit of shooting at NRA today.  Good folks, but AE lacks a bit on the navigation around Fairfax 🙂 I guess I really can’t blame him, … Continue reading

More Trigger Time Needed…

This was one of those days it didn’t pay to fall out of bed… Up EARLY, out to the range for an Action Pistol shoot this morning, and I was so ‘awake’ I brought my carry 1911 (and plenty of … Continue reading

Range time :-)

I took ME from Lagniappe’s Lair up on a range day today, so was out the door early for a little road trip. We’d talked about pistols, so I took a selection of .45s and ME brought some of his … Continue reading

Trigger time!!!

Did a mini-meet at the range today with Newbius, and it was bring an old gun to the range day… We actually kinda sorta work together… I bitch about stuff and he actually gets it FIXED! What a novel concept … Continue reading