That was FUN!!!

Snuck off this morning and met up with MSgt B and Agirl (and her hubby) for a little shooty goodness…As usual, the idjits were out on the road, it was spitting rain, not raining, raining like a cow peeing on … Continue reading

Trigger time!!!

And my ritual humiliation… Sigh…Met up with a friend at the range this morning to help him sight in a new Remington ADL in .270, after that, he drug me over to the shotgun range, and once again I got … Continue reading

Trigger time!!!

Met up with Navy One at a ‘reasonable’ hour, drug him out to my range and ran him through a selection of shooty things… 🙂Since he’d been complaining about not getting to shoot any ‘good’ guns, I dug a few … Continue reading

Recoil Therapy = GOOD!!!

I feel MUCH better now 🙂  Yesterday I got together with Chris and Laura from Insert Witty Title Here, Newbuis from the Newbuis Papers,  R A Bear from Sipsey Street and a couple of their friends for a visit to the … Continue reading

If You REALLY Want to Frustrate Yourself…

I met up with Arctic Elf from GBC and his Father-in-law for lunch and a bit of shooting at NRA today.  Good folks, but AE lacks a bit on the navigation around Fairfax 🙂 I guess I really can’t blame him, … Continue reading

BBQ and Guns, what’s NOT to like…

Did another one of those decompression weekends, went down to Georgia, as they say…Spent the weekend with Snigs and family, basically doing NOTHING 🙂Got an interesting tour of a nearby town, including three generations of plantation homes, starting with a … Continue reading


Since I have no life, I’m lucky I have a few friends that enjoy the same things I do…Went shooting this morning with Newbius and his son, sighting in rifles (EBRs for him, 1940 Model 70 for me). We got … Continue reading

Trigger Time!!!!

Taking a ‘few’ people’s advice, and actually having a weekend day where I could do something, I went to the local range and spent some quality time shooting on Sunday. I know, I know, this is Tuesday, but I’ve had … Continue reading

I feel MUCH better now…

A REAL shooting range… Went down to Quantico and shot on Range 4 (1000 yard range) Here’s a picture from the 600 yard line, which was the intermediate stop! We shot at 100 yards, 600 yards and 1000 yards. Here’s … Continue reading

I’ll take it…

Woke up at oh dark 30 this morning as the wind started, so I figured what the hey… This is gonna be an inside day. I was doing real good; laundry, and all the other crap I really hate to … Continue reading