Trigger Time!!!!

Taking a ‘few’ people’s advice, and actually having a weekend day where I could do something, I went to the local range and spent some quality time shooting on Sunday.

I know, I know, this is Tuesday, but I’ve had a battle with my little old camera, that poor thing is on it’s last leg, singular. So it’s been two falls out of three trying to both take pictures, and get pictures out of the damn thing… sigh…

Anyhoo, I decided this was going to be revolver day, so dug out the Pythons and the S&W 637 and went at it.

Here is a pic of all three on the lane, and the leftovers from a box of ammo. 150 rounds and I’ll tell you, my wrist and thumb are STILL telling me about it!

These are the returns from the Pythons only (suffice to say, if I’m INSIDE the barn with the 637, I can hit the barn 4 out of 5)…

And I drug one other thing to the range- and I don’t have a good picture, but it’s a 1943 HRA M-1 Rifle. It’s a new rifle for me, purchased from CMP and I was shooting some 1965 30.06 LC Match 173 gr through it.

I’m EXTREMELY happy with the rifle, as it gauges very well and shoots even better! Now I will admit I cheated on these, and shot off a bean bag rest, but I’ll take this for accuracy at 100 yards!

Here’s a close up of an 8 round clip, about 2 inches with open sights! YES!!! 🙂


Trigger Time!!!! — 13 Comments

  1. FF and Julie- It was nice 🙂 It was one of my better days too! I didn’t drink any coffee before I went, amazing how much steadier one shoots…LOL

  2. No coffee!? Doesn’t your heart slow to a stop without Coffee? Mine does. Beautiful shooting, noticing that the groups are tighter with the rifle – and all your enemies farther away when engaged – and if that could only be true always.

  3. RT- Thanks 🙂

    EArl- dang near 🙂 Makes it a LOT easier to do the breath control, trigger control, shoot between the heartbeats thing…LOL and yes, I DO prefer distance! 1000 yards is even better!