From another point of view…

One of the better presentations for it’s skewed perspective on gun control…

I finally got back from my little WESTPAC “vacation” so I’m playing catch up on the news…

One thing is for sure- CNN worldwide is BIASED!!!! All of the presidential coverage was slanted pro-Obama; never saw a positive story on McCain the entire week and a half. This was both CNNj (Japan) and CNNs (Spanish, which came on at midnight), were rooting for Obama and his “positive” impact on the world.

Most of the Sailors and Marines I talked to are worried, about their jobs, and more so about the level of committment to the military Obama has.

Oh yeah, it was actually nice NOT to have internet access for a few days 🙂 Amazing how relaxing that is…


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  1. good to have you back … all the news here in Oz is pro-Obama and that’s from our “standard media outlets”. Nothing positive is ever said about the McCain/Palin camp.

  2. I think EVERYONE is worried about their jobs right now! Our state is cutting 1.4 billion and 1000 state jobs. (Public safety included). I know the soldiers are worried because of who might be elected… but I’m wondering if it even matters at this point? No matter who gets in, are we going to have the $$$ to keep the military at it’s present status?

  3. Julie- I can believe it… sigh…

    FF- Good point! The economy is affecting everyone! I am convinced, based on what I know, if we DON’T defeat them there, we will be fighting them here…

    Fuzzy- Point!

  4. P-3 guys go on WestPac? Wow, I am amazed!
    2 on Good Ship Ranger and 2 on Good Ship Kitty Hawk.
    GM Cassel

  5. GMC- Two PI, one Naha, one Misawa, plus a Guam, Adak, Moffett tri-site in 5 years… If you were on Kitty in 75, we Zapped you in Subic, with a 6 foot high Skinny Dragon on the bridge wing!

    Me too RT, meee toooo 🙂