I feel MUCH better now…

A REAL shooting range…

Went down to Quantico and shot on Range 4 (1000 yard range) Here’s a picture from the 600 yard line, which was the intermediate stop! We shot at 100 yards, 600 yards and 1000 yards.

Here’s what I was shooting. It is, with the exception of the action which is period correct, an M40A1 Marine Sniper rifle that was used from the 1970’s into the 1990’s.

And yes it shoots MUCH better than I do… These were the orginal sighting shots to align the scope. At 600 yards we shot a 6 inch steel plate (equating to 1 minute of angle) and at 1000 yards we were shooting at a torso sized steel plate (19″x24″) and I also shot a group on one of the targets.

At 600 yards I was on the steel 8 of 10 shots, at 1000 yards I was on the steel 16 of 20 shots and shot a 8.7″ group for 5 shots on the target.

While that might seem pretty good, I let two REAL Marine Snipers shoot the rifle at 1000 yards.

Note: Neither of them had ever shot it before…

They did the shooter/spotter teamwork, and both of them put 5 of 5 on steel, with one of them making 3 head shots at 1000 yards! Those kids are GOOD!!!! Of course I have no pictures, for obvious reasons… dammit…

Now I’ve got to clean that sucker, and the shoulder is starting to hurt. Oh well, gotta pay for the fun 🙁
On another note- heard on the radio on the way back, the dems are asking the Denver police NOT to enforce the dope smoking laws during the convention! WTFO????

I guess they’re afraid too many of the liberal delegates would end up in jail and wouldn’t be able to vote…

Friend of mine sent this to me this morning, commenting on Obama and Biden kinda says it all as far as I’m concerned…
Those two are just scary as individuals, much less as a pair… If they get in, I have no doubt they will do everything in their power to overturn the 2nd Amendment, and make sure we get our guns confiscated.


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  1. Nice gun. I have been looking for a nice rifle to hunt with. Maybe I should get one of those, but then again do I really want to walk 1000yds to get a deer and then drag it 1000+ yds back? lol Ok so maybe I’ll tell the fiance it is for hunting but we all know it is just for sheer fun.

    Ok so where can I get one? lol

  2. Fuzzy- Yep!

    Anthony- You don’t want one of these… WAY too much money and way too heavy (at 15 lbs) for deer hunting! Get a nice little deer rifle and save yourself the aggrivation! 🙂

  3. I shot a rifle once. The idea of shooting a handgun unnerves me, though.

    However, I would have loved to have shot that baby! WOW! (Well, and stand there and stare at the Marines. What?)

  4. RT- Handguns are actually easier to shoot… 🙂 They are Marines, so yes, they are in shape! If you had to put up with what they do, you’d be down to 90 pounds! 5 mile run (with gear) every morning, 25 and 50 mile ruck marches, etc…

  5. I’m 5’10” and if I weighed 90 lbs, I’d be a candidate for a coffin. 🙂

    What I wouldn’t give to have the physical ability to do all of those things, though. (Kind of hard to run with black eyes all of the time.)

  6. RT- They have to be in shape like that to do their jobs… plus hauling a 15 lb rifle plus ammo all day is NOT easy :-0