Trigger time!!!

Finally got to the range yesterday! Sadly it’s been way too long…

150 rounds through four guns, three Glocks (G17 is Gen 1, G19 is Gen 3, G26 is Gen 2) and an old BHP. Worked multiple drills, movement at different ranges, and we also ran some El Pres drills, except one of the targets (this one) was almost 10 yards from the other two…

Head shots from 15 yards with a G26 didn’t go real well, two misses left, one miss right. The above the shoulder were both with the G19, rushing head shots/double taps (again)…

The low shots were speed rocks that I didn’t get the barrel up enough on.

Bottom line, I NEED MORE [email protected]$%&*@ PRACTICE…

But I knew that. My pistol skills aren’t that great to start with, and without practice they go straight south in a hurry…

After we’d all frustrated ourselves, we moved back to the 100 yard line to check zero on a truck gun and I dug out the SP-1 and wanted to get the 10-22 sighted in since we moved it to the Archangel Stock.

Sadly, the truck gun and 10-22 both still need sighting in, the wind was blowing/gusting hard enough that the same holds generated multiple shot placements… Ironically the old SP-1, iron sights and all, grouped the best. Sighted in for 55gr, there was a marked difference in the impact groups between 55gr and 62gr (62 was about 6 inches lower).

Still, a bad day on the range is better than most other things, as evidenced by the comment I heard, “Dirty guns and sore fingers make for a good day!”



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  1. A day with out gun smoke is like a day without sunshine, and an afternoon without the smell of Hoppes #9 – is a sad afternoon indeed.

  2. “Dirty guns and sore fingers make for a good day!”

    I say the same thing about my back when I’m picking up brass after a day on the range. Cheers!

  3. That old SP-1 shouldn’t be stabilizing the 62gr bullets at all, so no shock the group is off.

    Any keyholes?

  4. LL- That it is! 🙂

    David- Agreed!

    McThag- No keyholes, but we were only at 100 yards. And agreed, it’s not designed for them, a good lesson learned to make damn sure I load/shoot the correct weights in it!!!

    WSF- I wish I could shoot as well as a couple of girls I know… sigh

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day, which reminds me that I haven’t been to the range in forever. Gotta remedy that, but won’t be until after vacation. I’m glad y’all had a good time.

  6. Dang glad you got some time to shoot. I haven’t gotten to the range in a while, and my accuracy will reflect that I’m sure. I have a remedy for some of that, but it’s damn hard to CCW the 20ga in Kalif…

  7. No bad range days, some are just better than others.

  8. Hey old NFO;

    I am envious, and my inner gunner is telling me that I need to go to the range, but I have to find the time. I am using my pops computer up in Tenn to comment since my internet is still out….I am going through withdrawals…bad, lol. I do like your SP1, 🙂

  9. That SP-1 brings back memories of my duty station in the Small Arms Repair shop (mid 70’s, former West Germany). I bought a Remington 788 in .223 at the Ansbach military rod and gun club for $93.75. One of the magazines that came with it was marked 222. When I got home, I started into the wonderful world of reloading. That 788 was very dependable–1.25 inch groups all day long–it didn’t care what you fed it.

    Many years later, a buddy offered to buy it, even after I related my results. Not long after the sale, I happened to inquire about his results.

    Me: So, how did it go?

    Him: Geeze, I shot all four edges of the paper trying figure out where it was going. The ones that did hit paper were sideways”.

    Me: Hmm. What load were using?

    Him: XXXX powder with 69gr. Sierra Match Kings.

    Me: Well, that sounds about right for a 1 in 12 twist.

    Him: Oh.

    On a happier note, I bought one of these but in 223—
    (Scroll down at link)

    It has a 1 in 9 twist. It is an absolute death ray right out of the box. With my own load using Hornady 75gr. A-max bullets (molly coat them myself) under ideal conditions, I can get 5-shot groups of 3/8 inch center to center at 250 yds.

  10. From the shot patters I see, you have nothing to gripe about. I wish I could do half a well. But, then, I do need to have more range time.