The ‘Speech"…

I was NOT impressed…

When you counter your own website that’s not good…

More half truths and evasions- WHERE IS TORT REFORM?

While it was camouflaged, I think he’s STILL pushing single payer. If a company has the choice of continuing health care costs (which can run 8-10%), or paying an 8% penalty, what would YOU do if you were worried about the bottom line???

Especially when that penalty becomes tax deductable???



The ‘Speech"… — 8 Comments

  1. If the Feds offer ANY kind of general health coverage it will destroy private health insurance in the US.

    Companies will dump their insurance benefits as fast as they can. Faced with a dwindling pool, the Insurance companies will be bankrupt in no time.

    Which, of course, is the plan.

  2. The problem is two parts. We don’t trust Obama/Reid/Pelosi with good reason. We do need health care reform starting with the insurers. I loath the health insurance industry. Over the years I have had to fight, sometimes for over a year, to get valid claims paid. Bastards take your premiums and don’t pay. We need tort reform. Four years ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. My quack ordered over $5,000 in tests to cover his ass (20% co-pay). We need a lot more doctors and nurses.

    I listened to his speech and was impressed. I would like to think the leader of our country is trustworthy. I would like to respect the man as much as the office. I just don’t trust him, his cronies, his lies. Sorry to take over your blog Jim.

  3. I don’t trust him.

    He will push for the single-payer system at all costs because it’s not about health care, tort reform, opening up the market, etc. It’s about advancing a socialist agenda and forcing it down our throats.

    I’m not a tin-hat crazy, but his actions speak louder than his broad, sweeping generalities and outright lies.

  4. I wouldn’t trust that SOB any further than I could throw him, and that ‘aint far!

  5. Alan- Agreed!

    WSF- NO problem, you are much more eloquent than I, and I agree. Except for the part about being impressed…

    LL- Agreed!

    Drjim- maybe 6 feet 🙂