It puts bread on the table…

This is turning into ONE of those weeks…

Monday- Entire month’s worth of planning gets blown out of the water, entire January trip schedule gets changed, so back to square one.

Tuesday- In early to cover a meeting because the boss is at another meeting, miss an important meeting because the 1st meeting runs long.

Get to the airport 2 hours early, at the counter to check in, computer system goes down. 20 minute wait, FINALLY get a boarding pass. TSA is head up ass over the ‘new’ procedures at IAD, it takes 45 minutes to get to the WTMD, which promptly breaks… back of the ‘next’ line… another 15 minutes to get back up to the WTMD and through. Cell has a VM that flight is delayed, followed by VM flight is back on time.

Get to the gate, back to a 30 minute delay; can’t raise the boss to advise him we will NOT be picking him up at DFW, as he will now be landing before we do. Finally board and PA announcement of ETE is 3+40 vs. the normal 3+00 due to 150kt headwind.

Supposed to land at DFW at 1930, finally on deck at 2100 after two turns in holding while they changed runways, rental car is cancelled, have to jump through hoops to get another one, finally get to the hotel at 2300.

Wednesday- Up at zero dark 30 for the pre-meeting before the real meeting, go to meeting skip lunch as we are running ‘long’, get out of meeting at 1500. Haul ass to try to get South of Dallas before rush hour, ‘barely’ make it, 3 1/2 hour drive to Austin. Find out we are at the wrong hotel (wrong side of town) for tomorrow’s meeting…


I’m going to County Line and get some good BBQ…

I hope y’all are having a better week than I am!!!


It puts bread on the table… — 14 Comments

  1. Well, despite being busy, mine was fine until about 30 minutes ago. I discovered I’m too freaking night blind now to shoot accurately.

    This is a sad, sad evening.

  2. well I’m fighting with a new phone and feeling very technically challenged as a result – but I think your week’s worse.

    Not good news about Jan – does that mean your trip ‘down under’ has been changed / cancelled again???

    Hope the week gets better or the weekend makes up for it!

  3. You take care of yourself! Let me or Farmgirl know when you are going to be home for a few days and we will send a care package.

    Love ya!

  4. Afraid I can’t compete with your week!! I have two auditors from my corporate office here. Besides answering totally out-of-left-field questions for 6 hours, the only complaint is that they don’t arrive on *my* shift, so it’s several hours of overtime for the two day audit without anything productive happening. But you nailed it in your title for the post!

  5. I can match up in some ways with your week. I found out my hearing is going south. I will be getting hearing aids before long.One week from today(Thur) i get a new right hip.

  6. Well, mine is going quite well…
    Unlike someone at the top that can’t shoot worth a poop with a shotgun.:)

    Oh, Hi, Snigs.


  7. BTDT too many times.

    I just love DFW airport. I don’t know how many times I’ve passed through it. My connecting plane was always on the other terminal and the opposite end.

    Back in the day, I’d fly American to San Antonio changing planes at DFW. At least 1 in 3 trips, I’d get to the counter of my connecting flight just in time to see it pull away from the gate.

    ARRG! One time I just rented a car and drove to S.A. It was cheaper. Another time returning from LA to KC via LV and DFW, sat in DFW for 10 hours waiting for a flight to KC. (American again.) Three planes out for maintenance, another because the crew didn’t arrive on time. Then left skirting a tornado in the departure path.

    Glad I’m not flying much any more. If I do, I’ll be the PIC.

    BTW, I wonder how many will understand your acronyms? Heh, heh.

  8. Snigs- Better result after further review, right?

    Julie- Changed, but no new date right now… sigh…

    FM- Will do…

    RWL- Sad but true 🙁

    Fuzzy- but you EARNED those things… Good luck with the surgery, thoughts and prayers sent!

    Skul- You better duck…LOL

    Woman- do I HAVE to???

    Crucis- Yeah, DFW is ‘such’ fun… That’s why we drove to Austin. Acronyms, who knows? 🙂

    WSF- yeah, but sadly it IS recognizable…

  9. Yes sir, much better results after review. Skul doesn’t have to worry too much right now, I’m slightly preoccupied. Monday though, he’d better duck extra low. 😉

  10. The only thing keeping me from getting closer to ground…are my buttons.


  11. My week? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday morning, got to play with the new grandson. Well, hold and feed is more accurate since he doesn’t do much yet. Did read some Shotgun News to him, though.

    OK, I’ll stop there because that makes for a good week.