Much Ado About…

HERE is the link to the AZ immigration law… Note that there has to be a criminal stop, detention or arrest for an officer to question citizenship…

Well, it seems the LWL, led by the ACLU (they REALLY need to remove American from their name), and so called “legal” immigrants are protesting up a storm over the Arizona immigration enforcement law. Interestingly, they aren’t protesting in AZ, but in LA and SFO (where they are feted and given ALL kinds of rights, in addition to sanctuary)…

And all these groups are calling for boycotts of AZ products and the State itself! Now me, if I find out products are made in AZ, I’m gonna be buying!!!

Now my question is, are they protesting because they think it’s wrong, OR are they protesting because they are afraid more border states are going to do the same thing???

After all, the only thing the law does, is allow State and Municipal officers to enforce the laws on immigration the Feds refuse to do.

The killing of the rancher on the Southern border and the shooting yesterday of a Deputy Sheriff by illegals is only fueling the fires more and more in the state. When you have Border Patrol agents apprehended 105 illegal immigrants Wednesday in the Baboquivari Mountains southwest of Tucson, and through the first six months of fiscal year 2010, agents in the Tucson Sector had made 119,000 apprehensions; something HAS to be done…

My personal thoughts are- This is all about trying their damnest to get this dumped, because if it succeeds, the odds are Texas and others could well follow suit.

IF that were to happen, we might actually see some enforcement on the border, because it’s a damning fact that Napolitano does NOT nor does the Administration want to enforce the border. In fact, Napolitano cut agents and cut $225M from the virtual fence with no replacement (article HERE).

When I see the MS-13 types up here in NOVA, and I know they are ‘proud’ of the fact they sneaked across the border and the gang up here is at least 2000 (as of 2004 headcount), and they are killing folks that can testify against them, and using machetes on others, it’s LONG PAST TIME to do something. But then again, the dems have been in control, so illegals are “not” a problem… yeah, right….

Personally, I’d be in favor of calling out the respective National Guards, flying Reapers with pilots authorized to take out any smugglers/illegals seen with guns just like we do in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan…

And in another YGTBSM moment, it appears President Unicorn or Billary will on Monday give an EXACT count of the US nuclear arsenal to the media and others to prop up their latest dis-armament talks… This data has ALWAYS been considered at least Top Secret, if not higher…

sigh… is it 2012 YET???

Or we could just turn these guys loose…


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  1. Go Arizona! Wonder how much of this legislation is coming from newcomers to the legislature and how much from the “old guard”?

    Nice backhand to Mc Cain and former Governor Napolitano from their home state folks.

  2. It really boggles the mind that (at least) this ONE issue is not agree upon by both parties. How can the proponents use the word “Illegal” (because THATS what they’re called) in the same sentance with anything but repatriation back to their own country? UGH.

    Why even have a border then??

  3. Humm, I can see some nose-art for the Reapers tasked with border control. One of these could be a picture of Gandalf with the quote “You shall not pass!!”

  4. Me and one of my more progressive associates were talking today. To skip to the end, I won.

    Anyhow. He asked me if I thought the law as racist(always with the race). But then finally got to the question of is it legal(he meant constitutional).

    I answer them way, there is two ways this could go. Either 10th Amendment, or Supremacy Clause. If the courts call it 10th, the Arizona wins. If the other then it is yet another nudge and chip at removing states powers.

    And that leads to nullification, which is the first steps to something bad.

  5. I sent an email to the Governor of AZ yesterday asking if there was anywhere I could send some cash to help them defray the legal battle costs coming. I have not heard back yet.

    Let you know if I do!

  6. Crucis- Good points! thanks

    WSF- Gotta be the new ones!

    Peedee- Agreed!

    JR- That’d work 🙂

    CS- Yeah, I ‘love’ how they play the race card… NOT…

    keads- Nothing heard either.

  7. “Now me, if I find out products are made in AZ, I’m gonna be buying!!!”
    Same here!

    All the uproar is a BIG signal that this should have been done LOOOONG ago. Heaven help us that it’s not too late…

    IMO, it’s all about securing a Dem./Lib/Progr voting block for decades to come. No enforcement = porous borders = illegalmania = amnesty = Dem voters = POWER.

    Plain & simple.

    Great post, NFO.