Sometimes the Upgrade is Just Not Worth It!!!

Back on the road again, IAD to FCO to NAP yesterday…

Got an upgrade to business, and lucked into an aisle seat, which is good! The bad? My seatmate (and I should have known SOMETHING was up), was one of a party of ELEVEN from Chicago all going to the “old” country…

Turns out she was the harridan from Hell… The reason for the open seat? Her HUSBAND didn’t even want to sit with her! And she was yelling at the kids, family members, etc. plus up and down like a damn jack in the box…

And the kids? Well, the 14 year old (dressed by Pimps, Inc.) was caught in the bathroom dry humping her “cousin” by the flight attendant, the 18 year old boy was caught trying to sneak booze out of the cart by another flight attendant, and the Aunt and Uncle got drunk and got in a fight with each other… Of course the Harridan weighed in on each and every incident, ALL of which were ‘obviously’ the faults of the flight attendants, not any of her brood… And the best comment? “We’re from Chicago and we’re connected!”

I actually asked the flight attendant if there were open seats in Coach, and if so, could I move back there… sigh…

And I end up behind them in the Customs line, and sure enough, they’ve lost a passport… And refused to let people by while they found it (the Harridan was in “fine” voice at this point).

I finally made it to my connecting flight, which proved to be very interesting in an of itself. I ended up seated next to two 10 or 11 year old Russian girls, part of a tour group of I’d guess 30 people (mostly young kids up to teens), as best I could understand. They were VERY polite, and did know some English. They were fascinated by both my I Phone and Nook reader, and were so well mannered it was unbelievable after the last flight.

The one sitting next to me introduced herself to me and I wish I’d recorded it; it was so serious, and she was working SO hard to get the English right. It went something like, “Hello, I am named Alexandria, but my little name is “Sash”. I am pleased to know your name?”

So I responded, and we shook hands, then her friend in the next seat did the same, but had more problems with her English. We spent the 45 minutes to Naples trying to communicate and that was interesting… From what I “understood”, they were from Moscow and Leningrad, on a week tour, and had spent the last semester in school learning Italian. And that little girl was impressive… At 11 she seemed to be a leader not only within her age group, but even the teens would answer her and interact with her. She definitely had a ‘presence’…

It’s pretty sad when a 10-11 year old speaks Italian better than I do… sigh…

Well, off to work and try to do good.


Sometimes the Upgrade is Just Not Worth It!!! — 23 Comments

  1. I am glad you met worthy young people, but you should be over your lack of every skill in the romance novel adventurer arsenal. Just be nice and the young ladies will help you along your way, with their skills in Italian, human beings work so much better as part of a hunting pack, each adding their strengths.

  2. Ouch. Sounds like a comical ad for Bose sound canceling headphones.

    Good though, meeting young people of such quality, no matter the country of origin.

    (WV ‘flydr’)

  3. NFO- The descent into decadence, decay, and destruction of a civilization is most often portrayed by a lack of courtesy or respect for others. If your harridan and her feral lot are any indication, our Nation is screwed…but I guess I already knew that.

    Let me know when you return. You’ve earned a beer for that trip.

  4. She said “We’re from Chicago…” – like it was a GOOD THING? Wow.

    It’s amazing how class shows through. The Russian girls – true class. The Chicago gang – not so much.

  5. We trade the Chicago mob for the two Russian girls, a second and third round draft pick and un-disclosed amount of cash.

    Ok, OK we give them our first round pick in 2011 as well.

    The good and bad of traveling in the same story.


  6. So intersting the people you meet on a plane! On my recent flight to Chicago (believe me it was only because my brother died that I was going there!) I happened to be seated next to a very nice-seeming young couple from Boston, snotty attitude exuded from the female as she yapped the flight way,and then she asked, so what do you do and was mortified when I told her, public servant that I am, and on went the headphones until we landed, when I took a moment to inquire what she did, masseuse. Hmmm now that explains that uppity attitude, right????!!
    Enjoy your trip!

  7. Carteach0- I was USING them and I could STILL hear her… sigh…

    New- I’ll take you up on that!

    Scott- I’ve got to agree with you… sigh…

    Gerry- GLADLY!

    Gia- Understood… 🙂 My all time best one was being seated next to a VP for Greenpeace, who did the same thing all the way to SFO- On approach, he finally wound down enough to ask me what I did. I told him kill Whales for a living 🙂 You should have SEEN his expression 🙂

  8. Gia- one more thing, yes I do meet some REALLY nice people on airplanes, some are still friends to this day (and they own a nice restaurant in CA)… 🙂

  9. The only way I get on a commercial flight is when my employer is paying for the ticket. The experience gets worse by the year. If time wasn’t a factor, I would rather ride the Hound if I can’t drive to the destination. At least the travel is on the same continent.

  10. Ugh… It’s hard work, but I’m determined to make sure my daughters not only learn, but have good manners.

  11. Fuzzy- I don’t know if it was THAT connection or BHO they were claiming…

    WSF- I’m sure as hell NOT paying for these 🙂

    Lawyer- Thank you! I ‘really’ wish more people had that attitude!

  12. I pray for sleep when I fly. I just cant stand interacting on planes for some reason. Anywhere else I’ll chat your ear off. I guess its the “captive audience” thing that gets me. sigh. I’m wierd. lol

  13. I’ve always met some interesting and non-interesting people on my flights too..The worse thing I’ve experienced when it comes to children on the plane is When the little rug-rats(Not all are considered this) are kicking my seat behind me..And when asked to refrain from their task at hand.Their parents always are defensive about it..I’ve even asked 1 parent if she would like to change seats then…Of course she answered NO. I wonder why?

  14. Let me guess, because no one else will write it here though they’re all thinking it and then mentally whipping themselves for even thinking it — the Harridan Brood weren’t BLACK, were they?


  15. Your tales always enterain me. Too bad you got caught up with the Mongal hord from Chicago.

    Sad, that kids in other countries are more behaved,mannered,and intellegent than ours.

  16. This is one of the reasons i don’t fly. I once flew from Honolulu to Los Angeles with a five-year-old and an 11-month-old, sitting next to a woman who slept with her head on my shoulder the whole trip. She was either drunk or hungover.

    The second flight sounded better. It’s hard to find civilized kids these days.