Well, like the proverbial bad penny, I’m BAAACCKKKK…

Comcast FINALLY showed up today (six days late), and got me online, not without a few problems though…

Package deals are not bad, having said that, it’s a REAL pain when “everything” is co-located on one outlet (ain’t happening, know what I mean?) and they expect you to move things around.

After a ‘conversation’ with the tech, he finally got the point that what he wanted and what I wanted were mutually exclusive, and since I was the ‘customer’ I should be right (and I didn’t even have to beat him)…

In other news, the move has been less than successful, I’m still living out of boxes, and trying to find stuff…

I did find the TV… 🙂

Oh yeah, and one ‘other’ little welcome to the neighborhood…

My truck and two other cars in this ‘secure’ garage, and one a block away were broken into/vandalized/wheels etc. stolen…

Entered through the sunroof (I didn’t know it, but this doesn’t set off any alarms)…

The ‘duty’ investigation-Truly nice guys, very upfront and honest about the probability of success, but I told em to try anyway… Didn’t get a single @$&* clear print, but did get a good shoe print (size 6 Nike Air)…

Tore the hell out of the center console, trying to get to the Nav computer…

Oh, yeah, and all four wheels, and the security lug nuts too!!!

So, I’m in a POS Passant UFN… sigh…


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  1. That sucks! Welcome to the neighborhood I recon’ Glad you are settling in however!

  2. Carteach0- Yep, no thanks to Comcast… sigh…

    Supi- Thanks

    Keads- Getting there. It’s actually NOT a bad neighborhood.

    Peedee- Thanks

  3. I found the only way I could get comcast on the phone was to pick the selection that was for new subscriber. When I got the salesman I’d give them a blast as to my service.

    I finally packed it all in, waiting an hour in line with many other disgruntled customers to slap our stuff down on the desk and get a receipt.

    Glad you are back. Drop me an email. I’ll be off work probably another 10 days.

  4. Sorry to hear about your truck…the pictures truly tell the tale. What assholes! And douchebags. And fuckwads.

    Soon you’ll be all settled in and this will be merely a bad memory. May it happen soon!

  5. Other than that, how was the play?

    Never had a problem with Comcast. Part of the reason is their office is just blocks away and the ladies there have always solved any problems promptly. Maybe has something to do with my rugged good looks? Won’t deal with them on the phone.

    Seriously, bummer about your vehicle. Hope you have enough time at home to get it all sorted out.

  6. Allow me to add my condolences and outrage about your vehicles – have to go with Christina LMT re: proper terms for the thieves ………………… if it’s any consolation, WE have a new neighbor who dresses like Johnny Cash {‘cept he wears brown, square-toed boots} who will tell you he’s diagnosed “criminally insane” AND that he’s Satan ……………….. and of course the FodGuy is working 3rd shift – I just ensure Ms. Mossberg is handy, as well as my Bersa .380 …………………. 😉

    Semper Fi’

  7. Oh no… and you are there for how long? Better sleep with your boots on!~ Well maybe you will find you have a cute neighbor? I hope your vehicle is fixed soon!
    But it is nice to have you “home” again! Stay safe, for real!

  8. Makes me even more glad to not live in an urban area. >.< Very sorry about your troubles, especially the vehicle. Hope they catch the asshats and burn them a new one.

  9. Size 6 shoe?

    Offer a bounty for size 6 shoes with the foot still inside.


  10. Size 6? Bet there’re are some female vandals in your area.

    Hope insurance will cool the pain a bit.

  11. Fuzzy- Agreed!

    Brigid- Will do.

    Christina/Jim/DM- agreed and will do

    FD- I “like” it… 🙂

    Orange- oh HELL no…

    WSF- SSDD… sigh

    Mrs. C/Gia- Thanks

    CS/Snigs/Gerry- Thanks

    Wyatt- Wait till the lead we have pans out 🙂

    Crucis- Meee tooo… $6k and counting, as of an hour ago

  12. 1. Fix the sunroof.

    2. Leave a brand new PC in plain sight on the console.

    3. Put a pit bull in the back seat and cover with a blanket.

    4. Crack open a beer, sit back, and enjoy…

  13. Glad you are back, should have left the television boxed, but then it may not be a poison to you as to me. Keep writing!

  14. CanTex- thinking about a “popper” between the sunroof and the shade… 😀

    Earl- Gotta get my news fix…

  15. NFO,

    I’m sorry to hear of the troubles, especially with the vehicle.

    I’d suggest getting everything fixed and back to normal, then setting up a “blind” in a nearby van with darkened windows…

  16. Crap, sorry about it, what a horrible thing to happen to you.

    Comcast that is.

    Seriously, the break in had to be hard, you’ve taken such good care of your vehicles and to just get them thrashed like that.

    Sorry I missed your call. I’ll try you tomorrow.

  17. Is that in the Fairfax Area off 395? I had an apartment there last year and the bastards hit the parking garage three times. They did the sidewalk block trick as well. Supposedly a white van was used and they would hit during night hours. Place finally hired armed security during night hours.

  18. Sorry to hear about the truck, that’s some serious suckitude. I know the damage and stolen stuff can be repaired or replaced, but still it’s one more thing to deal with.

  19. Break-ins are so personal. It’s like they’re saying f*** you, which is exactly what they are saying. And the perps are rarely caught. We had all our guns stolen from our home in Vegas (broke the window in the door leading to the garage)but the good thing was they didn’t shoot the dog!

    Hope your insurance covers it all, plus plus plus. That really sucks. May the rest of your experience be better.