One of THOSE days…

Did I say I hate moving??? Going from a 2200 sqft townhouse to an 1100 sqft apartment is ‘interesting’ to put it mildly.


FINALLY got the last box unpacked, stuff is semi put away, guns are locked up, and STILL waiting for the alarm company to show up… Why can’t people actually be on time?

I mean, a FOUR hour window and they STILL can’t bother to show up or call? WTF???

Neighbors seem nice, and no stereo blasting at 120dB on the bedroom walls in the middle of the night is nice!

Got the truck back, $6500 in damages/repairs/new tires and wheels; but the insurance was on the spot so nothing out of pocket for me! 🙂

The one nice thing is my commute is now 10-15 minutes instead of 30-90 minutes. Yea me!

I’m getting ready for another overseas trip, this one is a few weeks long so packing and staying within the bag weight limits will be fun.

It’s interesting to talk to folks from other countries and get what they “really” think about the US and Obama. Most of the Europeans I’ve talked to are less than impressed and don’t understand why all the kowtowing especially to the Muslim world. The are also wondering if/when the US economy is going to come back, as most realize they are dependent on the US to maintain the balance in the world.

The Euro is continuing to drop against the dollar, which is nice for us, but interestingly I’ve seen very few places that will take “green” or dollars in payment for goods/services. This is a radical change from the mid-2000s, when the dollar was a favored currency pretty much anywhere in the world.

Probably the nicest thing about this trip is that I won’t have to listen to the constant blather about the upcoming elections, and will actually be able to get SkyNews and BBC reporting, which have turned out to be MUCH better than the MSM here.

Y’all have a good weekend, go to the range, and practice, practice, practice 🙂


One of THOSE days… — 10 Comments

  1. The dollar is weak, but the Euro is weaker. Apparently not all Euros are created equal. It seems that the first letter of the serial number tells you which nation issued it. Some are much better (Germany) than others (Greece).

    There is much speculation that the Euro could collapse and many nations will revert to their former currency. I’d guess that Britain would only honor “British” Euros, Germany would only honor “German” Euros and so on. Or they might all be wall paper.

    Not only does Europe recognize that the economy of the world depends on a healthy US, so does Asia.

    Many of those nations also realize that their safety depends on a strong US military. Boy are they going to be disappointed if the fit hits the shan.

  2. Glad to hear you are not out of pocket on your truck repairs.

    You have a safe trip.

  3. @TOTWTYTR… I sit next to a Brit at work and I could swear the other day he said Britain didnt switch to the Euro. hmmmmm.

    Have a great trip NFO!!

  4. The Atlanta cop neighbor is down here in “the country” to host another one of his rap shit-kickins. They (and their music) would drown out any target practice noise I could make. *My* windows are rattling to the beat…time to call the cops…again.

  5. Have a safe trip, but as far as the BBC is concerned, it the UK version of MSNBC. SKY (UK/AUS) is the sister network of FOX News.

  6. TOTW- The brits didn’t go to the Euro.

    drjim- Thanks.

    WSF- Long six months eh??? 🙂

    Supi/Peedee/Fuzzy- Thanks!

    Snigs- ummmm… NO 🙂

    Chris- Yeah, I kinda look at BBC like CNN, and Sky like Fox, so I at least get a comparison