Pretender-In-Chief – Galganov…

A very interesting Editorial from last month that just came across the email transom…

I’ve extracted a few parts to give you the general tone.

Pretender-In-Chief – Howard Galganov

As much as I and everyone else is trying to get a handle on what makes Barack Hussein Obama tick, and what is his OWN agenda, opposed to everyone else’s who surround him, everyone seems to be all over the board.

Many people, especially on the more extreme RIGHT think that he’s some sort of a plant who has been put in place by a shadowy group that is representative of a vast LEFT WING conspiracy.

Some closer to the MIDDLE see Obama as a Socialist who has planned-out how he wants to move the USA to a more European style Socialist Society.

And then there are the LEFTISTS who just love what Obama’s doing, as long as he’s sticking it to “big” business, taxing the crap out of so-called “rich” people, taking over banks, insurance companies, the auto-industry – etcetera.

The LEFT also loves it when Obama humbles the USA in the sphere of world politics, which he doesn’t seem to be doing anymore. Maybe someone told him that scumming out the country he leads, is no less repugnant than publicly ‘dissing his wife and family…

I think he is so far over his head, that he doesn’t have a clue as to what he is doing, or what has to be done.

I don’t believe for a second that he is NOT from the far LEFT, but I also don’t believe that he has any concept of what real Socialism is all about, since he and his family absolutely love the joys of being rich, while hanging-out with the rich folk. While the last thing he wants is to be rubbing shoulders with the “little” people who chant his name.

Obama has the attention span of a spoiled child with far too many toys and doting parents, flipping from the MOST important toy of the moment, to the next MOST important toy of the moment, to the next one after that, and so on.

Obama has no obvious concept of what integrity means and the absolute value of his word, since he throws whomever is no longer useful to him under the bus, and lies like a cheap rug over everything he’s said and promised…

OBAMA SEES HIMSELF – And that’s it. He doesn’t see the people around him. Nor does he see the domestic and international chessboard upon which the entire World plays for position and advantage.

I believe that in his mind, if it is what he thinks, than that MUST be right, and everyone else SHOULD think the same way. And if they don’t, then there is something wrong with them.

The American people didn’t vote for a BRILLIANT strategic thinker, or a man of remarkable principle – JUST THE OPPOSITE.

I never heard one pundit, not even his most ardent media supporter ever speak or write about anything brilliant he has accomplished. As a matter of record, I don’t remember even one of them speaking or writing about a single Obama accomplishment of any sort. How sad is it that the American people voted for someone with no accomplishments and no personal history to be proud of, that anyone can point to? …

You can read the whole Editorial HERE. What makes me wonder, is how long before editorials like this are verbotten by the new leadership at the FCC and DISCLOSE???

Just sayin…


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  1. NFO- I think we are seeing a phenomenon similar to what is exhibited by middle-aged women who “love” the Twilight series.


    Take a person with zero identifiable qualities of their own, ascribe to that person traits which you yourself find admirable, then swoon over them because they represent you. The cognitive dissonance you feel when they do not then act in the manner you expect is jarring, and the people who have exposed it are the true reason for your discomfort, not the zero.

    Those people who are fully-formed individuals do not swoon over the zero, and recognize the lack of accomplishment. Therefore, they must be silenced or destroyed in order to remove the source of unease.

    Basic Group-think. You will also find it in quantity whenever faced with a committee.


  2. I think he didn’t believe he had a chance to be President but could bank a lot of money from campaign contributions; the Chicago way on a national scale.

  3. Unfortunately, the American people voted for a really ad campaign.