Zip, Zilch, Nada…

Score yesterday was not a single hog… sigh…

Up at 0400 out the door to drive 1/2 hour to the landing, only to be greeted by ground fog on the river. We motored down by GPS to about 1 mile above the spit, then trolling motor to within probably 10 yards of the spit, couldn’t see much past the front of the boat. We could hear the hogs, but couldn’t risk a shot… Tried to close, they smelled us and away they went.

Came back about 1800, set up on the levee near where we got the ones last night, and here came the rain AND the thunder and lightning. Sat in the trucks for a while, lightning hit about 1/4 mile away and we gave it up as a bad deal.

The ONLY positive, I got to look at and photograph a restored 190 year old Kentucky Long Rifle! I’ll post on that in the next couple of days.


Zip, Zilch, Nada… — 10 Comments

  1. Saw some crappy weather over that way on radar & wondered if it was affecting you & your trip. Does it help that I was hoping it wasn’t?

    From what I’ve heard, those wild hogs are some mean-assed critters. Sorry you weren’t able to help them make bbq. 😉

  2. Thanks all- the only thing I caught was a cold… sigh… Heading home, and back to the salt mines.

  3. Tap, tap, tap. Now who needs to go to the doctor? 😛 Sorry you’re sick & hope you feel MUCH better, VERY soon!

  4. Most of my piggies run in the 70-80 pound range.
    The big ones pretty much stay hidden in the woods.
    If one of those showed up, I’d have to up-gun.


  5. Yes Dear, yes dear 🙂

    Skul- These ran in the 150-400lb range. I was shooting the ‘little’ ones… 🙂 My 1/2 credit was a 300+lb one that I hit and only turned. Two rounds from an M-14 went entirely through from back to front…