Stopped by a little old gun shop in East Texas this morning and saw THIS on the counter! It’s a Henry .22 Eagle Scout Tribute. I will tell you, this is a beautiful little rifle, and the engraving and presentation is OUTSTANDING! If it hadn’t already been sold, I’d have bought it! Sorry for the lousy pics, but all I had handy was a cell phone.

The right side of the receiver was also beautifully engraved…

This is the right side of the forestock-

And this is the medallion on the right side of the stock…

My how things change…

This is where we used to duck hunt 30 years ago, and this was basically a grassy area, not so much anymore… sigh…

On the hog front, got 2 1/2 this evening with three shots, shot a big ass Water Moccasin about 10 times as I backed up the levee (after I damn near stepped on him) about a mile from where this was taken!

More hog hunting tomorrow, we may try early from the boat to get them on a spit where they go to the river to water…


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  1. As an instructor for the Boy Scout rifle merit badge, I would have bought that rifle too! Beautiful!

    Glad you are having a good time!

  2. I get those pigs in my backyard every May-June.
    Miserable critters.
    I invite friends over, sit with cooler and 22’s. (head shots)


  3. That’s a nice rifle. I don’t know that I’d want to actually shoot it. More of a hanging on the wall and looking at rifle – a peace of mighty fine art.

  4. Keads- I may try to pick one up, since I are one… :-0

    Rick- You’ve got that right!!! In SPADES!

    ORPO- That is SUPER! Guns are hand-me-downs that ARE worth it! Good history, and makes you think of family every time you touch one!

    drjim- i hit one and he kept on running, my friend finished him off with an M-14 as he was running away, so we each claimed a half credit 🙂

    Julie- I am, thanks 🙂

    Skul- I truly hope you don’t have THESE in the back yard, they are running 200-400 lbs…

    LL- I never thought I’d say it, but with this rifle, I have to agree…

    WSF- M4gery starting at about 2 feet, RAPIDLY increasing to about 15 feet!

  5. I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE and ADORE good engraving.

    There is so LITTLE of that artistry left in this country.

    Which is why I so covet most all the badges from my LE department because they were crafted by Ed Jones in Oakland, Fornicalia.

    Most cop badges are pieces of SHIT. LAPD and LASO and FBI and most all federal badges predominantly SUCK.

    But a badge from Ed Jones is a friggin’ work of ART. Literally.


  6. OLD NFO,

    Contact me via email please.

    My father in law is an FFL and a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge.

    They are running a fundraiser with the Henry Boy Scout and Eagle Scout Rifles — for a lower price than you can get them at Cabela’s.

    If you are really interested, we’ll make it happen. We are in the Dallas Fort Worth area.