On The Road…

Sorry for the light blogging, been on (and STILL on) vacation.

So far, driven 1600 miles, VA to SC to TX; checked on my place in SC, got in two rounds of golf with friends down there (sucked); dinner at Snigs house in GA(damn good thing I’m not married to her, I’d weigh 400 lbs).

Saw family in GA, met UJ, Dixie and the little one from GBC for lunch (truly good people and she makes a MEAN sauce), scared the crap (damn near literally) out of myself in Mississippi.

Saw family in LA (good times and MORE food), stopped by Clark’s Custom Shop in Bossier City (drooled), finally got where I’m supposed to be to shoot some hogs.

Spent part of today at the range sighting in the M4gery-

This is MILSURP 855 62gr Green Tip (Lake City MFG) 20 rounds at 100x. Note the spread, which is typical for 855…

This is five rounds of Fusion ammo also 62gr- Note the ‘lack’ of spread! The 5th round (upper left) was a called flyer. I’m ready for the hogs now (under 200lbs; bigger than that, it’s the Model 70 in 30GOVT06)! 🙂

Tomorrow is scouting and getting permissions to shoot on the property where we spot hogs, and checking firing lanes/angles/backstops since we’re going to be potentially shooting out of boats.

Sorry if I haven’t been commenting on your blogs, I’m having too much fun in the real world 🙂


On The Road… — 17 Comments

  1. About time you took some time for yourself! Good for you. Glad to hear you are having fun. Keep it up!

  2. You’re going to have to take a few more days off to rest from this vacation. 😀 Keep having a great time, ’cause I don’t know anyone who deserves it more!

  3. I heard about the dinner at Snigs place, and I wanted to join you. Have fun, be safe!

  4. I love reading how you “play” so ahhhhhh unusual! Enjoy every moment, work breaks in all too soon!!

  5. If you ever find yourself heading through NM, you know where to find us, preferably not through bombardier’s sights. 😉

  6. Hi Jim, The hell with everybody else!! Clean out those nasty hogs

    I give, what is an 855? Handload, Commercial?

    Keep on havin’ fun

  7. Thanks all!!!

    Labrat, I wouldn’t do that to y’all… too close to the blast radius when your ‘neighborhood’ goes up and all that…LOL

    Ev- 855 is the current Lake City ammo being shot out of the M-16s and variants. It’s 62 gr steel core (which is pushed in, so it’s not always perfectly centered or exactly straight).