A Different Take on the Manger Scene…

Something to think about as we approach Christmas…

The manger or nativity scene has caused quite a stir in recent years. It seems to upset those who believe that they are seeing a depiction of an event that symbolizes only Christianity.
I feel sorry for those people who have blinders on their eyes and shutters on their minds. The manger scene is truly remarkable from all views if one would only take a moment to look rather than to jump to judgment.

What the manger scene really depicts is a Jewish man and his wife who has given birth to a Jewish baby who will become the first Christian. Therefore both Judaism and Christianity are represented.

But it doesnโ€™t stop there. Consider the three wise men that followed the star. Two of them are from the east and are descendants of Abraham representing the forefathers of modern day Islam. The third is from Africa and his descendants will celebrate Kwanzaa. The star they followed represents the astrologers.

The cattle in the manger scene are symbolic for the Hindus; the shepherds represent one of the four truths for Buddhists- Life is Hard!, while the angels of the story could support the spiritualists view.

We also have the innkeepers: the one that provided the manger is a humanist and the ones that turned them away the atheists. Finally we have King Herod who does justice to those that worship Satan.

So when you are asked to support a local movement to erect manger scenes on public property say yes and just remember the only ones not represented are the ACLU, because the manure had been removed before the wise men arrived.
And think about the ‘true’ spirit of Christmas…


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