Random Travel #832…

On the road yet again, still…

Wed-Fri down in Florida for meetings, one and one half encounters with ‘spring breakers’, and I’m NOT impressed…

Trying to check into the hotel with about six other folks, and the fat sloppy ‘thing’ comes up and tries to push to the front of the line, “Cause, like I locked myself out and I need to get back in, like NOW, cause my phone is up there.”

If she’d asked nicely, we’d probably have let her, but that attitude turned ALL of us off, and she got told in no uncertain terms to go to the END of the line…

She started getting even whinier and bitchier, and making comments under her breath; which led to one of the guys in line turning around and telling her she needed to be turned over her dad’s knee and her butt spanked for her attitude.

The second was at one of the little local restaurants we frequent; this gaggle of about 6-8 breakers (about half drunk) signed up in front of us, so we’d signed up for seats at the bar (there were three of us). The manager remembers us, so she called us ahead of the gaggle, and of course two of the guys decided to make a scene because THEY were first…

And they decided to get pushy with us, since I guess they thought they could intimate us; but it didn’t quite work out that way, as “Chris” just wasn’t putting up with it… Now just because he’s a bit on the small side, doesn’t mean anything, since he’s retired SEAL; so when the punk tried to intimidate Chris, he just grabbed the guy by the balls and dropped him right there in the middle of the restaurant, screaming like a little girl 🙂 Two of the ‘busboys’ came out of the back, took one look, and ran that bunch out.

As a side note, they were ALL fat, sloppy, and thought they were ‘entitled’… NOT!!!

So trying to get out of Florida Friday afternoon, airplane breaks (fire warning), we jump through hoops, get on another carrier, finally get home at 0100 Sat, I’m back at the airport at 0600, 5.7 hours of bouncing across the country to LAX, luckily we finally got in a parked next to the gate where my next flight was (so I made it). 11.5 hours later (including 4 hours of pretty good turbulence, and we landed in Japan. We took the ‘long’ way to Narita, going around the West side of the island to miss any possible radioactivity enroute.

Narita is operating normally, Tokyo other than a lack of normal traffic jams is okay; the stores do have food/drink, but we didn’t see any huge lines, or any major problems. The base is working hard, looks like 12 on/12 off supporting the rescue efforts ( I haven’t seen it this busy since the Cold War).

I’m beat, off to catch a few hours of sleep and in to work…


Random Travel #832… — 16 Comments

  1. My tolerance for drunks gets less and less every year.

    Give “Chris” a well done from me.


  2. I was kind of wondering if flights would be pulled over.
    Now I know.


  3. “he just grabbed the guy by the balls and dropped him right there”

    Well, that’s what they’re there for. Good on your friend for not taking crap from the punk.

    Stay safe and have a good trip.

  4. More & more proof that “He/She Needed Killing” defenses should be reinstated.

    Hope you get some rest & have a safe, uneventful trip.

  5. ^5 to your SEAL friend – would have loved to have seen that… only thing more obnoxious than a drunk is an under-aged, wise-ass drunk

  6. Gerry- He got a free dinner 🙂

    North- Thanks

    Julie- Tryin…

    Skul- It’s fairly easy to re-route, and the pilots aren’t quite the dummies everybody thinks 🙂

    DB- “Chris” was tired and hungry, as we all were 🙂

    Snigs- Trying…

    Firebird- True, and as I get older I’m becoming even less tolerant…

  7. WSF- Don’t know about his mind, but I’ll guarantee his heart and body did 🙂

    TJ- “Chris” dropped him quickly and quietly, I don’t think a lot of people in there even realized what had happened… 🙂

  8. Ah, NFO, making an island of civility wherever you go, and tolerating no fat sloppy ‘entitled’ barbarian hordes upon its shores.

    Good for you and Chris!

  9. Good job on the civility lesson. Who says the military doesn’t teach manners?

    Also, thanks for the update on Japan, please keep us informed…

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  10. Give your buddy a “Well Done!” from me.
    If you ever get stuck in/at LAX, give me a call. The Mrs and I would love to meet you.

  11. Wing- Sometimes being old and grouchy is it’s OWN reward 🙂

    Fuzzy- He knows 🙂

    Frank- Thank you

    drjim- Will do on both counts.