Happy Mother’s Day…

To each and every Mother, thank you for being there for us, bearing us, nurturing us, and most of all, putting up with us…

And a special thank you to those Blue Star and Gold Star Mothers out there. Without you, we would not have a military. Your sacrifices go above and beyond what any parent should have to endure.

The Blue Star Mother’s Flag. Contrary to what some think, this is NOT a Brigadier General/Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Flag…

A Gold Star Mother’s Flag- ‘Technically’ this flag is incorrect, the original intent was for the gold star to be slightly smaller than the blue star on the blue star flag and the blue star would form a border around the gold star.


Happy Mother’s Day… — 4 Comments

  1. My Mom ran a crane in an aircraft plant during WWII.

    My little, red haired, super intelligent mother…. ran a crane and built aircraft.

    I miss her.