10Lbs in a 5Lb bag…

Well, here we go again… Trying to get 10lbs in a 5lb bag, er… ship…

This is a working ROV on the ship we are working with; it’s not the cutesy little things you see on TV, this one is a workhorse ROV!!! 4600 lbs, 100 inches high, depths to 16000 feet, two manipulators…
And a pic of the ship from the pier…
The big blue thing sticking up through the picture is the port A-Frame support, capable of >30,000 lbs. The other bits and pieces are semi positioned on deck, based on offload and ability to flake equipment out prior to deployment.
This one is from the 01 Deck, looking aft past the ROV sheave. Even though the deck ‘appears’ open, you can see the cable spool that has to be spooled out down the center of the aft deck.
And finally, what I think is probably the ‘best’ headline I’ve seen about OBL. And it pretty much captures the folks out here on the pointy end’s perspective…

And in what is becoming a habit, got another @#&*% Tropical Storm (03W) that has us boresighted… I want to find the sumbitch with the target painted on his back and send him somewhere/anywhere else… sigh…


10Lbs in a 5Lb bag… — 19 Comments

  1. NFO, Whatever it is that you do, I suspect it’s utterly fascinating. I’d risk life and limb just to hang around, watch, and pester with questions.

    I am also certain I’d be useless as tits on a boar, and probably get someone hurt or killed.

    Thanks for sharing the glimpse. Interesting stuff!

  2. LL- You’ve been here before 🙂

    Carteach0- 99% boredom, 1% AW S**T 🙂 Anymore, they don’t let me ‘play’ I have to stay ashore and “manage” e.g. get my butt chewed by all and sundry over things I have absolutely NO control over…

  3. Looks to me you need a good boatswains mate to kill some of the rust on the deck. Maybe a grinder, bumble bee and red lead? I see some exposed white lead, too! I’m not volunteering, mind you, I did my share of chipping and painting. LOL!

    I’d love to see some more of that ROV.

  4. Kinda reminds me of my days in the commercial nuke biz – cramped spaces, lots of gear, access plugs and hatches…memories.

  5. Did I understand you, that you’re prepping it for bin Laden’s family to search for his remains, bottom feeders & all? 😉

    Semper Fi’

  6. So why is the US Navy using a Canadian ROV? Not to brag, but the oil patch had about 10 of them working the Macondo blowout last year – simultaneously – with a live video feed to the web. But it still looks like fun could be had.

  7. You know what’s best about that newspaper? After you’re done reading it, you can put it up on the 100 yard line for some target practice…

  8. They say these tropical storms are a dime a dozen. I’m looking for the guy who’s handing out the dimes.

    Seriously, that’s cool. Why do the Navy and Air Force get all the sweet toys?

  9. Thank you NFO for whatever it is that you do do.

    Which I’m quite sure sometimes feels like doodoo.

  10. WSF- it goes BOTH ways… sigh…

    Danny- They’ve been pretty busy, and we had to pull stuff off/reweld our crap on, and the Master actually apologized for the rust. The white lead was for a couple of days, as most of this stuff comes off and another set goes on. I’ll see if I can get some more on the ROV.

    Scott- At least your stuff didn’t move around that much…LOL

    DM- Not no, but HELL NO… 🙂 Wrong ocean 🙂

    PE- It’s a rent-a-boat 🙂 I take what I can get to do R&D stuff, as the ‘real’ Navy is way too busy right now.

    Jay- Good point!

    DB- Mee tooo… sigh…

    North- It does… most days…

  11. If you need a cantankerous Ocean Engineer to help you play with your toys, give me a call. Same if you get in the vicinity of New Orleans JAS-NRB Belle Chasse.

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