Still on the road…

Stopped in Nashville and met up with Bayou Renaissance Man and Wing, had a great dinner at a nice little ethnic restaurant called Cafe Bosna, real home cooking!!!

We chatted and Oleg dropped by to say hello and he introduced his Dad who is down visiting.

As usual the conversations went in every direction…LOL

Hated to do it, but a short night was required.

Two AARs are up on Blogorado, one from Jennifer and one from Matt, go check them out and that way I don’t have to cut and paste; I’m tired and suffering from FBS (Flat Butt Syndrome).

Night all…ZZZzzzz


Still on the road… — 8 Comments

  1. Was wonderful to catch up with you – any meetup with you is always too short!

    Until we see you again, fair winds, blue skies, and good travels to you!

  2. Andy- Thanks!

    SS- Yes Ma’am

    Julie- I DO!

    Danny- yeah… sigh

    Les- Shaddap…LOL

    Wing- Thanks!

  3. Driving through Arkansas the other day I was worried that I was the last Blogoradan on the road and exposed to deer. 😉

    Glad you made it home safe!