On the Road (again)… Part 243

On the road, yet again, so light blogging for the next week or so… As it worked out, house sitter (buddy having plumbing work done on his place) needed a place to crash for a week or so, and his wife was going to visit family, so he’s sitting at my place, watching TV and building out another .45 for his collection.  I told him if he used any of mine, he had to do the paperwork AND clean the damn things… 🙂

As others have noted, and as is all over the news, guns ARE being used to defend folks, and the cops are 15-20 minutes away… sigh… 

At least I’ll get some good sushi this trip 🙂  Y’all take care and go read the folks on the sidebar!


On the Road (again)… Part 243 — 15 Comments

  1. If your anywhere near Misawa tell Kimico hi for me…well maybe not.
    Belay last. Don’t sit too long, get up and walk around as much as they let you (pax and staff).
    Expense all you can and make the meetings/installations short.
    Hope to see you at GBR-6 in Sept.
    Better yet, we will be in Tucson on the 1/29/12 for a shoot.
    Safe trip son.

  2. Safe travels and I’m totally jealous on the sushi. One of my goals is sushi in Japan. Nearest I’ve gotten was my sushi guy in Boston who trained with his uncles in Japan. I hope you at least have a good time in between work obligations….

  3. MC- It’s just more expensive here…

    Wing- After the curry, will do 🙂

    Skul- Left the beer out, HID the good Scotch 🙂