Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) under consideration in, respectively, Congress and the Senate.  Supposedly, Congress has shelved further consideration of SOPA –  The Senate is scheduled to bring PIPA to a cloture vote on January 24th.

The webstrike on, with approximately 7000 websites saying they will not be online/posting tomorrow. I will join them by not posting or commenting at all tomorrow…  You can go HERE and see the strike website and video.

Join us please, and lets show our disapproval…


Webstrike… — 15 Comments

  1. Rev- It should (will) significantly drop traffic…

    Ed- LOL, I just linked to you, so don’t stop for long!!!

  2. I will also shut down in support. I don’t like the idea of censorship. My itty bitty corner of the internet will be dormant

  3. One little quibble.

    Congress is our legislative body consisting of two houses: The House of Representatives and the Senate.

    It is NOT: Congress and the Senate.

    But I fully support the point of the post!!!

  4. Thanks folks… Alex you are correct, my bad… Should be House and Senate; but I was bit pissed when I wrote this post.