One of THOSE days…

This was one of those days it just didn’t pay to chew through the straps…

The morning started THIS way…

And then it went totally South as I lost TWO [email protected]#&* years worth of work email because they decided to upgrade the email version…

And killed my .pst file on the server…

Not only some historical stuff, but also current and ongoing projects that I was ‘forced’ to move off the main email because we are size limited in our mail boxes…

After four hours, one on-site tech, two remote techs, one tier two escalation, the answer was…  “You’re screwed”

They not only killed the original .pst, they also corrupted the backup to the point that it is not salvageable either…

When the tech started trying to BS their way out, well I guess I looked kinda like this…

So the sum total for the day??? 

Not by choice…

Going to drink now…


One of THOSE days… — 29 Comments

  1. How awful!!!!! There is this feeling of uncontrolable helplessness, because this is not your specialty.
    I remember when my computer took a dive while I was in school, had all my school work on it for the last four years, and lost it – because the hard drive had a flaw and Dell had to come to my house and put in a new one.
    I think your problem must be 100% worse. Oh, so sorry.

  2. There is a reason MS Outlook is called “MS Lookout”. I hate that software with every fiber of my being.

    Drink? Ok, talked me into it!

  3. Keads: You’ve obviously not used Lotus Notes.
    It wasn’t Outlook, it was the tech “support”.
    I like your fallback plan NFO.

  4. Wasn’t me…and the legacy archiving system you are forced to use does not play well with the Enterprise. Just saying…

  5. Drink? Yeah, I’m in.
    Look for the Linux nerd. Tell him you just know he’s the one that can salvage this data. You don’t want to know how because he’s going to break a lot of rules to make it happen. He can make it happen though. Make sure he has plenty of coffee.

  6. meI empathize with you. Reminds me of my previous employer. I had to back up all my old emails to my laptop hard drive…no server access allowed for this task!

    Then one morning, screeching sounds and the blue screen of death as my hard drive self-destructed. Eight years of email history (including project approvals and reports) vaporized. All I could say was…”YGTBSM”.

  7. I have to say that Exchange/Outlook has a lot of neat features, but when it loses its mind, it loses it good.

    Old Unix guys like me just shake our heads.

    Nice pix, though. 😉

  8. I guess I’m not the only one ready to strangle people at work. Misery loves company, and all.

  9. Sorry that your computer folks FUBAR’d your email.

    Have a nice single malt for me–or we’ll owe you one when you come visit when it gets warmer….

  10. When I retired I transferred my history,etc. to a portable hard drive and took it home.
    You have no idea how many times my former employer have asked for an email or report ’cause they crashed.
    I’m thinking of charging.

  11. Don’t know if this is feasible for you to use at work, but I use both and as online backups. I pay for them out of my own pocket.

    Redundant, yes, but I sleep better at night.

    Not too expensive. Annual expense is about the cost of a good bottle of single malt.

    File this under barn doors and horses…

  12. Ha Ha
    Welcome to the club, OldNFO.

    Have a seat, put your feet up and make yourself at home.
    It only gets better.

  13. DT- Thanks

    Trail- Yeah, it sucks…

    DB- Done!

    Keads- Okay 🙂

    Ed- Yeah, when in doubt…

    Suz- Nobody, they just walked away

    Newb- I know… dammit…

    Jenn- I would be can’t, if you know what I mean…

    WSF- It DID, four Mondays this week!!!

    Mikey- Yep,basically the same data here…

    Bp/Nancy- Thanks

    Robert- Yeah 🙁

    MC- I’ll take you up on that!

    Skip- Sounds about like $100/hr to me 🙂

    45er- I’m waiting for others to find out their fate, then watch the fur fly…

    Tim- I wish I had that option…

    MSGT- Yeah, dammit…

    Julie- Hic!!! 🙂

  14. Reminds me when my old employers IT department decided all .gov or .mil emails were spam.

    Since that was 99% of my contacts it pretty much limited my email to corporate manure, viagra ads and offers from Nigerian officials


  15. oh god oh god oh god, you’ve just described a nightmare i had right before i swapped out the computer of one of our top-brass users.


  16. Sorry about your luck! I can honestly say I know how it feels. . .

    The good news is that it’s Friday! Maybe take a trip to the range to make you feel better?

  17. Wow. Reminds me of working for Big Investment Firm in St. Louis – similar shenanigans and know-nothings in the IT department.

    Good thing it’s the weekend.

  18. 45ACP- It was 🙂

    Gerry- Yeah, I remember some crap about that years ago …LOL

    Laura- Hopefully it DIDN’T happen to you!

    CTone- Tomorrow!

    Rev- Yeah, sigh…

  19. I get so damned tired of upgrades. After every one of them, I feel like someone should say, “Thank you”, hand me $50 or I should have had an org…oh, never mind.

    I just feel royally screwed.

    Hope you drank one for me!

  20. When I left a company I put all my files on CDs. It took several. No deletions, just made copies. And within a few months my former boss, great to work for but using the same IT system we were all stuck with, called and asked if by chance I might have any file copies. You KNOW why the call.

    My condolences, but it was inevitable. You are now hopefully immune.