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  1. The only thing guaranteed in life is your not going to get out of it a live!

    I believe it goes something like that…

  2. Indeed. Straightforward is not so much and we need to live every day as if it were our last. Two excellent reminders!

  3. Years ago:
    “I want a car just like that,” said a neighbor. “I’m going to tell my husband, that’s what we’ll get.”

    She and her husband had just purchased their first house, thanks to the generosity of her parents.

    My husband turned to look at her. “It took me 18 years to buy this car.”
    Slam dunk. All things in due time.

  4. I am sure success looks like


    and I have to agree with the last poster, but who wants to live in an egg carton in the cold dark refrigerator?

  5. Earl, nobody said you had to live in an icebox. 😉 I read it to mean one should live life to the fullest because we all have an expiration date.

  6. The problem with being in the curly part of the arrow is that you never know that the arrow will eventually point up… in fact, it almost always never looks like it will.

  7. All- Thanks for your responses, and yeah, I’m ‘somewhere’ in the middle of that mess of curves… sigh

  8. Yeah, we’re all somewhere in the curves – except those professional victimes who gave up and bailed out, but who’s want to be them? Camping in tents is no fun in a city park with traffic and dope-smoking neighbors next to you.

    (Camping by a bonfire with a couple rifles, some NVG, and an open bounty on coyotes as long as you don’t shoot the cows is a completely different story!)

    Life is certainly perishable – and the most poignant thing of all is that almost none of us know when our expiration date is coming due. I’m aiming for sliding broadside sometime through those pearly gates, smoking gently and still trailing that final “Wooooot!”. Then my husband will calmly stroll over, pick me up and shake me out, and say “Took you long enough, love. Tea?”

  9. Wing- You’re right on all counts, but I think my arrival will be less decorous than yours…LOL