Worth the read…

Got this one from ASM over at Random Acts of Patriotism, go follow the links and read one hellva story…
There’s a relatively new blog out there called She’s a Garand Girl which is a great title and the idea that she’s joined the blogging world as a Garand owner and shooter brings me a smile.
She didn’t hesitate at the start, trying to find her voice or making a Hello World entry, she jumped in with a series of posts. A very hard series covering an event of sustained violence in which she, young and unarmed (except for a very fine pickup truck), prevailed. The latest post covers the aftermath. I don’t know if she will share more of the story, although I hope she does. There’s more to tell if we’re going to get the rest of the way from then to now.
She has put up a sort of cover letter post with links to the story posts in order.Every one of us needs to read this series. She is sharing events from a very private place and she deserves to be heard and supported. Because if things ever go south and it’s just me and the tools at hand, I hope I do as well as Garand Gal did.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up NFO. I went there and all I can say is wow. Very powerful stuff over there.

  2. I’ve been following and it is a heck of a story. When I’m scanning through blogs and I’m in a hurry I always stop to take the time to read the whole thing and pay attention. It’s an important lesson on so many levels.

  3. Agirl- Yes she does!

    Gerry- Concur!

    Keads- Yep!

    WSF- You’re welcome!

    45er- You’re right!

  4. Thanks for the head’s up. Those are powerful stories, all the stronger because she “left the hair on” so to speak.


  5. Thank you.
    I love my Garand. It’s a fine rifle with a fascinating history that functions well and shoots beautifully, but it means far more to me than just that.
    I think everyone should have the chance to own one 🙂

  6. LR1- Concur, and NO sugar coating!

    Msgt/Tim- You’re welcome!

    Wyatt- You too can own one… 🙂

    GG- Concur, I have two of em… 🙂

  7. Incredible. And I can’t see any reason for her to feel that she did anything wrong, regardless of the law in the situation. (Thank goodness the statey was quick to get her out of there so she wouldn’t face charges!) There is no doubt in my mind that at minimum she would have been raped, and that since pack behavior had kicked in they would have been lucky to escape alive.