Father’s advice to his son…

                The following is a father’s advice to his son just moments before he gets on the bus that will carry him off to join the Navy.

                “Son, you are getting ready to embark on a great adventure as many of the men in our family have done since your great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather did many            hundreds of years ago.


                There will be many dangers ahead that you will encounter. Remember your training and obey your commanders, this will keep you alive during the arduous days of battle. Always stay with the plan, if you deviate from it you will be in grave jeopardy.

                When the time of battle is over, be wary as you go into the towns and cities ahead because there are many hidden dangers lurking there. There will be many temptations to lure you away from your brothers in arms and this could put you in danger even if it seems safe at the time. In every town there will be a street that will be most treacherous of all there will be strong drink to dull your

senses, loud and crude songs to suppress your hearing, and wild women of ill repute to enable your enemy to catch you off guard. My advice to you as a former sailor is simple – Whatever you do…

                FIND THAT STREET.”
Now the ‘funny’ part is today at lunch a couple of us were talking, and one of the guys sons is currently stationed in Japan, and he was bitching via email to his dad about how the “Honch” didn’t live up to his dad’s sea stories… He said he dug out a picture of the Honch back in the day (one that the wife didn’t know he’d kept), and sent it to his son via email.  Apparently the son responded that it wasn’t ‘fair’… That is was obiously a LOT more ‘fun’ back in our day 🙂 


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  1. Cousin station at Adak in the 60’s. There a year before he got to Yokohama for a week. He was told the bath houses wee the place to go. Said all he ever got was real clean.

    Where was the leadership?

  2. Misawa, Fukioka in the sixties, ow yes!
    Tachi, naked lady, Saigon, Benwa, in 1965 was a young mans growing up years.
    When we came back to the world, the young ladies we met were outclassed in knowledge. We instructed a lot of young ladies in the way.
    ‘Scuse the spelling, Maker’s Mark will do that to a fella.

  3. The old flesh pots (the Monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga) including Vientiane, Olangapo, the Pink Knights in Saigon, and so forth were legendary. I myself have a certificate from the White Rose – in Laos.

    Today, it DEFINITELY is not nearly as fun.

  4. WSF- LOL, obviously THEY were in the ‘good’ clubs!

    Tim- Oh so true!!!

    Skip- Yep’per!

    MSGT- I was there three weeks ago, it’s NOT the same, trust me… 🙁

    LL- Got those, except Laos, never made THAT particular trip…

    Danny- Yep, Shit River and all 🙂

    Les- Probably!!! Mumbles is dead in the PI and her daughter is in her late 40s.

    Don- Concur, it’s been turned into a tourist (Filipino tourist) trap. The old Brig is now a hotel!!!