Discovery’s Last Flight…

Just took this from the top of the office building about 30 minutes ago…

747 with Discovery up, escorted by a NASA T-38.

Sad, sad end to our space program. Discovery was the workhorse of the ‘fleet’. They were about 1000 feet up, inbound to the DCA fly by…

Final landing at IAD for roll-out to the Udvar- Hazy Museum at Dulles…


Discovery’s Last Flight… — 17 Comments

  1. TO boldly go where no Muslim has gone before…..

    Just think all that money we aren’t spending on the shuttle fleet, will help the Muslims feel better about themselves and perhaps persuade them to quit molesting their goats.

  2. End of an era. But we needed to make the tough call and to spend that money in creating new green jobs to fight man made global warming.

    (crying in my beer)

    Thanks for the picture.


  3. Glorious, even in it’s final depressing end.

    A once fantastic future…. now fading into Proxmireism.

  4. Memories, ah, memories. The 747/Shuttle combo landed about two hundred yards from the horse stables at Ft Bliss, Texas in 1979. The shuttle was being flown to Florida for the first time. The crew parked the BIG rig about a hundred yards from us and we all just stood there smiling, man, we were smiling.

  5. Matt- Yeah, right… sigh

    Andy- Hope you’re gonna post it!

    PH- Sorry, and yeah, I’ll be there with bells on when we go back!!!

    Marty- That’s great!

    Laura/Ed/Tim- Thanks!

    DC- :-p

    CTone- I’m sure some others will put up videos

    Agirl/Gerry/.- Yep… sigh

  6. Oh, what a thrill!
    And you are correct, what a shame the program ended.
    This is what our country does best and it is what we need to continue to do.