BAG day…

Well, didya???

I jumped the ‘gun’ last week, pics maybe this weekend if the new gun gets here…

Final NRA Convention post after I get some sleep…

Edit- Final count of NRA Convention attendees 73,740, courtesy of Danny the Man.


BAG day… — 7 Comments

  1. Knew you needed a new gun.

    Hey, I have an idea. So many people are for redistribution of wealth, so how about some of those pretty guns get redistributed to ME? Yeah… didn’t think that would fly.

  2. North- mine’s on the way

    PH- LOL

    Jenn- looking forward to it

    Timo- THAT is nice! Too bad it took a year… In Finland, you can buy a suppressor at the hardware store… sigh

  3. Wish I did, instead my money this month has gone to tools to make grips with.

    Got my wood burning stuff and 22 sets of full size 1911s in process.

    Next month though, I have a Model 60 on the list.