Armed Forces Day???

Did anyone other than Snigs even remember???

Well, it seems that Panetta DID have a press release…

Panetta Praises Troops on Armed Forces Day

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr.

WASHINGTON, May 19, 2012 – Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta today thanked troops and their families for their service in an Armed Forces Day message, in which he also noted the importance of the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago.
“Let me take this opportunity to wish all our troops and their families the very best on this Armed Forces Day,” Panetta said in the message. “I hope you know that all Americans join me in gratitude for everything you do to keep us safe.

Panetta said the efforts of troops are noted and appreciated.
“Wherever and however you serve, you are an inspiration to me and to millions of your fellow Americans,” he said.

The service and sacrifices of men and women in uniform allow Americans to lead peaceful lives, he said.
“You fight for peace so that others don’t need to,” he said. “You work for peace, at home and abroad, so that others may know a better life. Your families share in that labor and in that sacrifice, so that other families need not endure the pains of separation and of strife. There is, perhaps, no more admirable calling.”

I dunno, did anybody hear about a parade?  Or a thank you for the troops, or discounts for dinner maybe???  




Thank you to all of you that have served and ARE serving, and to the families who stand by you. 


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  1. They had a big, free event in Augusta with Jo Dee Messina & several other big country music names today in honor of Armed Forces Day. 🙂

    My personal thanks to you, NFO. You’re the best.

  2. I read about a parade in Skokie, when I googled it this morning to verify the day before posting on FB that it’s Armed Forces Day.

    From DOD:
    The theme of the first Armed Forces Day was “Teamed for Defense.” It was chosen as a means of expressing the unification of all the military forces under a single department of the government. Although this was the theme for the day, there were several other purposes for holding Armed Forces Day. It was a type of “educational program for civilians,” one in which there would be an increased awareness of the Armed Forces. It was designed to expand public understanding of what type of job is performed and the role of the military in civilian life. It was a day for the military to show “state-of-the-art” equipment to the civilian population they were protecting. And it was a day to honor and acknowledge the people of the Armed Forces of the United States.
    I guess if Memorial Day is for the dead, Veterans day for vets, AFD is for active service.

  3. Rev- Thanks

    WSF- Sad ain’t it…

    Robert- Thanks

    Snigs- That was one of the few. There was NOTHING I’m aware of in DC.

    Ed- Thanks for the update

    LL- I think it was downplayed as usual with this administration… sigh

    Scott- Thanks

    Tim/ADM- Yep