I "think" they’re making a mistake…

Just heard a report that the Syrians tried again to shoot down a Turkish airplane, this time a search and rescue aircraft, searching for the F-4 that was shot down Friday…

What’s really sad is I had to get this from the UK, NOT from US media… (Article HERE)

Bülent Arınç, the deputy prime minister, said the second plane had been attacked as it flew above the Mediterranean searching for two pilots. The claim undermines Damascus’s insistence that mistaken identity caused the attack on the first jet.

Turkey has called a meeting of the National Atlantic Council, Nato’s political steering body made up of ambassadors from member states, under the article four of the North Atlantic treaty, which allows any member to consult its allies whenever it believes “the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the parties is threatened”.

Now THIS is where it gets interesting, since the US is a member of the NAC… One wonders how the administration is going to handle this hot potato…


I "think" they’re making a mistake… — 14 Comments

  1. Maybe the WON will ask the MB Prezzi in Egypt to intervene? His Majesty talked to him just the other day. I would think he still had his cell phone number.

  2. Our MisAdministration will not handle this at all.

    On the other hand, I’d prefer to just turn it over to the IAF (Israeli Air Force).

    What was the ratio of IAF F-15s to Syrian manned-drones–something like 21-0?

    I remember a mission over there when we were patrolling above Lebanon and the Syrians were up in the air. Some radio traffic broke in and told us that the IAF had just launched a four-ship of F-15s.

    The Syrian aircraft literally dove for the deck and RTB like a scalded dog. LOL!


  3. Remember how Turkey refused to let our troops use its soil in the attack on Iraq?

    Let ’em protect their own planes.

  4. Reading some .mil blog it seems Turkey is gone over to The Muslim Bro’hood, and now wants to fight a proxy-war with Syria (who’s a sick bastard but not all Muzzied’up yet), and so they sent a plane where they didn’t ought-to, to check out Syria’s defenses and even possibly to trigger a SAM strike, and now Turkey is trying to engage the NATO-eans to become a proxy and slam Syria. IMO Turkey should be expelled from NATO since the hard-liners are running the joint now.

  5. It’s just one more step down the path to a “final solution” to the Mideast problem. I simply see no way to apply the breaks any more. The regional players – Jew, Sunni, Shia, MB, Al-Qaeda, Arab – all need to sort out their final relationship. It’s going to be bad, bloody, destructive and world changing. Yet, it’s coming – with or without us. Perhaps Turkey and NATO are the match, perhaps not . . . but it’s coming.

  6. Agree w/ DirtCrashr. The current Turkish prez (Abdullah Gul) is a Sharia-leaning Muslim who replaced the more moderate Ahmet Sezer.

    Look for closer ties between Turkey and Egypt, now that the Egyptians have ‘elected’ a representative from the Muslim Brotherhood as president.

    Yet another reason to boot obama out come Nov. and elect someone who will support the only pro-democracy country in the Mideast … Israel.

  7. They will hide under the nearest bed wetting themselves at the thought that they might actually have to do something.

    Dirtcrashr brings up an interesting point though about Turkey and the muslim brotherhood too and using NATO as a proxy or trying to bring them (us) into something we don’t want to be involved in.

  8. 50- Probably…

    AOA- Concur! 🙂

    BP- They will, sooner or later…

    DC- Good point, I hadn’t thought about it that way…

    eia/Tim- I can’t disagree!

    MC- That he does.

  9. Needs smarter people than me to figure this one out. The Turks have a decent military capability; let them use it. We need to husband our resources.

  10. I don’t know that it’s such a big deal. The Syrians and Turks have been shooting at each other pretty regularly for as long as I can remember.
    Last time I was at the lick, you could still see bullet holes in the aircraft shelters from a not-so-old Syrian strafing run.

    Turkey knows what side of the bread the butter’s on.

  11. WSF- That IS an option…

    MSgt- Better you than me… ONE trip through the Lick was enough. And good point too!

  12. It’s the Centuries-old (Millennia actually) Orientalist strategy, going straight back to the era of Darius and the Hittites – get *Someone* else to do it for you, preferably someone with a bigger army, then stab the winner in the back (or poison ’em) after the Big Banquet.