Hard Day at the ‘Office’…

Today was ‘one’ of those days…  Had to go play ‘nice’, so we ended up playing in a golf tourney today.  It was hot, I was in the woods, the sand, the water, and damn near every where else…LOL  Playing best ball tourneys give a whole new meaning to hit everything you’ve got! 🙂

We came in with a 61 on a par 72 (11 under), and I think we finished 10th out of 18 foursomes!!! The winner was a score of 54 (18 under), and 2nd and 3rd place tied at 55 (17 under).

It’s not fair when the bring in the young, limber ringers!  Two on the winning team had played college golf, and were both scratch golfers; and they just killed the rest of us…LOL

We made nice though, got to see some old friends, got some decent food, and more free golf balls than I don’t use! The nicest thing was a bottle opener! 🙂 

This was designed by one of the engineering interns out of scrap from production…

And I know I’m gonna hear all the jokes about little balls,  but what the heck, a day on the golf course ‘working’ sure beats the hell out of a day in the office… 🙂


Hard Day at the ‘Office’… — 15 Comments

  1. Ya… ‘hard day’…. right.

    I suspect it does balance out though, against some day in the past that was hard in a different way. Nice Chotchkie too 🙂

  2. Dude, I slice more balls than a veterinarian on a golf course. I don’t count strokes, I count balls lost.

    Nice bottle opener!

  3. Here’s my opinion of Golf Courses…

    They are nothing more than a waste of a perfectly good rifle range.

    Such a waste.

  4. Now it was DaddyBear who was likening golf to shooting just the other day … all-in-all I’m agreeing with The Minuteman! However, having said that, I guess if you can’t spend the day on the range the 2nd best place is the golf course. Glad you had a good time.

  5. Carteach- 🙂

    Keads- I only lost three today! 🙂

    MM- True… But it IS in MD, and on a base…

    Julie- Thanks, I HAVE played Joondalup down your way too!

  6. Played 4 Man Scramble at Whiteman AFB last month, a 53 won. My teams 66 come in 6th.

  7. I gave up the game entirely after 3 years on the course at Kadena, and thousands of dollars on equipment and lost balls.
    I won’t even go on a driving range, because there’s always that one great shot that keeps you trying, until your head explodes from frustration.

  8. WSF- Oh HELL no… It was a ‘working’ tourney… 🙂

    Ed- Yeah, it’s not fair when they run ringers in on ya…LOL

    Rick- LOL, I ‘think’ that’s been done a time or two!

    Bob- Yep!

    MSgt- Understood, and there are days I feel that way too!

  9. I once heard a saying about old golfers:

    A young boy was out on the course with his dad and noticed that there were no old golfers around. He asked if they had all died. The dad stopped for a moment looking really thoughtful and said:

    “Old golfers never die, they just can’t find their balls.”


    Of course the truth is that most of ’em went to Florida to live and play and torment the younger folk. There sure was a horde of them down there when I lived in Naples.

  10. Matt- Yep, but these days they play FASTER than most young folks (cause they don’t hit the ball far, but they hit it ‘straight’… 🙂

    DB- Once, maybe twice a year… sigh

  11. Everyone needs some time off and feel a shortlived freedom from the office, and playing golf, no matter how bad you play, can be very liberating. I think it has something to do with watching a ball fly like a pretty little bird, and knowing that it was you who made that pretty little bird fly. And yes, you can use such simile when you’re not contained in walls which demand professionalism, sense, and wit all the time.

    Clayton Steadham