Now we know…

Romney/Ryan vs. Obama/Biden…

 And apparently within 20 minutes of the announcement of Ryan, the dems put out the first attack ad on Ryan about Social Security…

WHY has it come to this?  Chicago gang politics should NOT be accepted by the American people in a presidential race. I for one am totally disgusted by the whole partisanship bullshit games strategy. And I’m also disgusted by the media bias that is out there, even though there is ‘supposedly’ no bias! Yeah, right!!!

What happened to the ‘civility’ Obama promised???  I guess in the ‘race’ to re-election all bets are off for them…

There are a number of articles available on how Obama ‘won’ all his elections, and it all boils down to dirty politics and throwing enough shit (legally and illegally gathered) at the opponent until they either resign, stop running, or are unable to fight off the BS…

Why are we not discussing the economy?  Sequestration?  Entitlement reform?  The border?  The politicization of the military for social experiments?  48% of those on the tax rolls NOT paying any taxes?  THOSE are the real issues for America.

Peter has a great post up HERE on that!

I think part of the issue is that the dems for MANY years have ‘bought’ votes with entitlements, promises and blatant racism at the polls.  There is also a significant portion of the younger voters who have a 30 second attention span and ‘believe’ what they hear in sound bites and are too lazy to actually go read (or search) for the real information.

I was talking to the gent next to me on the airplane and he’s pretty much decided if Obama wins, he will sell his business (if he can), and retire early.  His comment, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to continue to work my ass off, just to have my taxes go up and that money go to people who think it’s their ‘right’ to get MY money for nothing!”

Can’t say I disagree with him…


Now we know… — 13 Comments

  1. Yep, agree across the board.

    Been having the same thoughts about my business but the reality is that those really interested in owning a business – or even larger corporations that could purchase mine – are already just holding steady. If the Big “O” wins, they will get small, shed jobs and try to stay profitable.

    If Obama wins, to me it will mean that the majority of our nation has turned the cornere and decided that Marxism is for them.

    Not sure how to even wrap my head around that . . . .

  2. So how did Mr. Galt enjoy his flight?

    Seriously, I know of several people who have decided to either shut down their small side businesses or have put off opening one in the first place. The tax and regulatory environment is making it not worth the bother.

  3. The gent was correct. I work in the medical industry at present, and several young doctors in my complex are currently discussing a change of career.

  4. Concur. Think many people who went for “Obama the Idea” and didn’t see “Obama the Man” can’t bring themselves to admit they made a mistake.

    The real man, and his closest allies, are gutter trash.

  5. I just interviewed with a gentleman who said they offer a “Cadillac” health care plan.
    I laughed and said I hope Romney’s elected so I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg in taxes on it.

  6. EIA- Yep, know what you mean…

    Larry- Point! 🙂

    DB- He’s not the only one, and you’re right…

    ADM- Concur!

    PH- I know… I know… dammit…

    Rev- They aren’t the only ones, when they can’t even make enough to pay back the loans, much less actually MAKE any money, who’d want to keep practicing?

    WSF- AGREED!!!

    Andy- I feel the same

    Ed- good point!

  7. I am so disgusted by the campaign ads I’ve not had my TV on in two weeks.

    Let’s just ignore the problems with the country while we trade taughts like school yard bullies.