Empty Chair, Empty Suit…

I don’t see much difference… Don’t know about y’all…

Actually, I’d PREFER the empty chair, less chance of him screwing anything else up!!!

Just sayin…


Empty Chair, Empty Suit… — 12 Comments

  1. Someplace I read said it would have been really hilarious if they would have put an empty suit in the chair.

  2. All the people making a fuss about the empty chair thing and how Eastwood has finally gone senile… Hello, the empty chair is used as a therapy technique, as well as an acting exercise.

    Having known a few people who went through honest-to-god trauma at the hands of those who should have been caring for them, and hearing them talk about their therapy, the Empty Chair seems to me to be a very valid and useful tool, in that context…

    And Eastwood was making a point, adding drama to his speech, because, um… well… wait a second… oh yeah, he’s an ACTOR.

    Whether he intended to make the statement or not I think that the use of the empty chair did so… the current government (ALL of it…) has done some trauma to our country, when they should have been caring for it.

  3. That’s pretty much what his chair looks like in the White House anyway. He’s either out campaigning, or playing gold, or traveling the world apologizing.

  4. Pissed- Yep, Kenya would be a good choice!

    drjim- True! 🙂

    FG- Good point, and ACTOR doing a performance! 🙂

    Andy- Concur!

    CP- Zing!!! 🙂

  5. Agreed with all of the above. The Pretender in Chief is clearly trying to earn a spot on the PGA Pro-Am tour, rather than worry about piddly things like running the country.

    We’re better off when he’s away.

  6. I’m not an Einstein, but his entire monologue made perfect sense to me. I just had to shake my head at those who were a) confused or b) thought Eastwood was confused.

    I think it was basically off-the-cuff & yeah, he may have rambled a touch, but he is in his 80s…

  7. See where he is back for a second visit to Boulder talking to the CU students today. Wonder if enough of them were sober enough to find the rally.