Random Road Stuff…

Mobile hood ornament…  

I ‘thought’ it was a stick, until it walked across the hood as I was driving down the street!!!  It’s actually a Gecko…

And then the little s**t took a dump on my hood!  Sigh…

And I’ve seen some ‘strange’ pets over the years, but this one kinda takes the cake!

Yes, a ‘pet’ turkey hen.  It actually came running when the lady called it, and was eating out of her hand until I got too close, then it hissed at me (and the lady told me the hen ‘hates’ men)…

And no, they’re NOT fattening it up for Thanksgiving, it’s their ‘mascot’!

I had a little time (like 7 hours) to kill, so wandered over to the USO at LAX, and found this out back…

Donated, and VERY interesting statue! The detail is amazing, including individual feathers!!!

And chasing sunrise is always interesting… This one’s for you Brigid!

Only those who’ve spent hours in the air appreciate the true beauty of a sunrise over the ocean, where you still have stars shining ‘brightly’ in the deep blue of space with no light pollution, and the sun peaking over the horizon.  

And lastly, if you ever wondered how ‘big’ the A-380 really is, here’s a comparison!

That’s an A-319 in front, and the A-380 in back… That is a “BIG” damn airplane, carrying up to 500+ passengers…

And my tired ass is going to bed, it’s been a 29 hour ‘day’ to get here… 


Random Road Stuff… — 10 Comments

  1. If there is a Gecko on your car’s hood, it means that you’re insured. Maybe a good thing…? (haha)

    GO TO BED.

  2. I haven’t had a flight in an A-380 yet, and it is not something I plan to go out of my way to do. Frankly, Airbus planes rattle too much for my taste. I’m more of a “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going” traveller.

  3. LL- Not in Hawaii…LOL

    Andy- Concur! And it’s AMAZING what a 747 can do with a light load of fuel, no cargo, and about 1/2 full of pax! Can we say intersection takeoff and 2000 foot ground roll??? 🙂

  4. Nice to know the insurance company is watching over you. Do you need that kind of close supervision??? 🙂

    a A-380 isn’t big on my ride list but I remember my very first 747 ride . . . simply amazing.

    Safe travels sir . . . .

  5. Ahhh yes… Australian Scrub Turkeys – not good eating I am told

    My back neighbour is suffering from one at the moment. The little blighters mysteriously turn up – get busy building a nest in your garden and then prove almost impossible to move-along [the trick is to disrupt the nest in it’s early building phase… although gathering all the bits and planting it in a neighbours yard (whilst enticing the birdie to follow) – not considered “Good Neighbour” policies over here :D]


  6. Next time I’m at the Bob Hope USO, I’ll look for your patch on the wall in the lounge.
    Good place to spend time. Always have a variety of good snacks and food.

  7. eia- Probably…LOL

    Rev- Rest? What’s THAT???

    Pax- Turkey is turkey is turkey… But you’re right, it’s NOT a Butterball! 🙂

    WSF- I’m not surprised, if they’d used one, they would never have gotten it done!

    Skul- Yep, good folks and good food!

    Posted from my iPhone.

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