Kilted to Kick Cancer Bleg…

Thank you to those who’ve donated for me to the two organizations, it’s truly appreciated…  

And thanks to those bloggers who’ve done posts linking about KTKC.  

Having said that, we’re WELL short of our goal with two weeks of the month gone already…  

I don’t have any prizes or anything else to give away; all I’m asking is that if you have a few spare bucks, please donate to either LiveStrong or the Prostate Cancer Society through the links above…

It’s not anything we get out of this, other than possibly a cure to one of the cancers, which just might save either yourself or someone you love (unless you’re a pilot and then it’s one in the same)…

Please hit one of the links above if you can even for $10… Let’s pull together and help make that $50,000 mark by the end of the month!!!

Thanks in advance, 


Kilted to Kick Cancer Bleg… — 4 Comments

  1. Jim – Regarding that $105 Per Night “Bend Over & Spread ‘Em.” from the Crowne Plazaa there in Oz, I would write the CEO of Crowne Plaza a letter of complaint, an actual “Ink On Papyrus” letter, not an e-mail.

    In parallel, I would go after the $105 Extra Per Day that you “Took In The Shorts” by pursuing proper resolution and refund/credit electronically via the WWW.

    Visit Barbara De Lollis’ Hotel Check-in Blog: A road warrior’s guide to the lodging landscape — this link with teleport you there: Have Fun!!! – Joe

  2. Hey!

    “I don’t have any prizes or anything else to give away”

    I resemble that remark!