Marko puts it all in perspective…

Go HERE and read what Marko has to say…

He got it right…

And HERE is one I just ran across by Dean Garrison… Do you have a responsibility to fight?


Marko puts it all in perspective… — 8 Comments

  1. drjim- Yep on both…

    Rev- Or how many will OPENLY admit it???

    Ed- Don’t have a clue…

    WSF- Yep, they both are!

  2. In reviewing my comment, let me clarify.
    If I agree with Dean, I risk death by LEO.
    If enforcing LEO disagrees with Dean he risks death by citizen.
    Personally I agree and have for years.
    But I may lie about possession should they come for it to avoid the risk.
    In which case I’m not defending my right.
    Am I over thinking this?