It’s not the ‘noise’ we’re making that should worry them, it’s when we get quiet…

Just sayin…


Noise… — 15 Comments

  1. It’s sad when gun sales are going through the roof and the objective of well over half is to protect honest people from their government. It’s quiet, people buy firearms and then they lend them to others so that they don’t actually have any firearms to be seized.

  2. My dad’s old saying was a barking dog can’t bite.


  3. Does anyone think the gun grabbers care what we think? They have the power now and they are going to use it. Unintended consequences? We’ll see.

  4. USC- Not yet, but close…

    ADM- Probably

    LL- Good point!

    Rev- Yep

    Gerry- True!

    Ed- Possibly

    WSF- I’m not sure they realize that…

    Stretch- LOL

    Ed- Yep!

  5. Mom: Those kids are too quiet. I’d better see what they’re doing.

    Some things never change.