Huh, just realized I’ve done 1500 posts…

I want to thank you loyal readers who’ve put up with the drivel I’ve thrown out there for the last 5 years, and I just want to thank you for the comments, corrections and emails either in support, criticism and the occasional WTF are you doing ones…

I do read and appreciate your comments, and I try my best to acknowledge/respond to those comments to the maximum extent possible.  

At least for now, I intend to NOT use either mediation or word verification; but if the spam keeps ramping up I may have to go to that.

Again, thank you each and every one for reading and commenting.  And I have to admit I’ve met some outstanding folks via this medium, and have been lucky enough to meet quite a few in meatspace also… 


Huh, just realized I’ve done 1500 posts… — 27 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in Spam too, and it makes the blog a pain because I screen all comments and it takes several minutes to eliminate it.
    Here’s hoping they quit when they realize it ain’t bein’ published!

    I stop by a lot my friend, but don’t often comment because it gets old, saying “yeah, I agree with ya.”
    But yeah, I almost always agree with ya.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Your blog was the first blog that I ran across, this was before I decided to start blogging. You had a posting about muslims flying on commercial airplanes. It was a potential terrorist thing if I recall. Yours is a handful of blogs that I read everytime you post something new. You also go out of your way to respond to peoples comments, something that I should do but havn’t really.

    Keep on blogging:)

  3. I guess there’s something to be said for not having “arrived” yet. I’m not having to deal with this issue.

    Congrats, NFO

  4. Congrats!

    I have to confess that I haven’t had a single spam comment since I disabled anonymous commenting. It’s weird not to have to sift through 150 spam comments a day, nut it’s nice.

  5. Well done, here’s your ribbon, now back to work


  6. It’s been our pleasure to get to “know” you … well, as well as anyone can via blog posts. You keep putting it out there, and we’ll keep reading.

  7. It’s been quite to pleasure to get to know you too. Nice to know there’s some sanity out there. Or at least a compatible brand of insanity.

  8. This one of my favorite places to land everyday. And I say go to the moderation or what ever you have to do. Spam is part of the anti-Christ’s weapons in preventing peace and harmony on blogs. I’ll be here and commenting regardless.

  9. GB- Thanks!

    MrG- Appreciate that Sir.

    ADM- Thanks!

    Matt- LOL, you will!

    Keads- Thanks!

    BP- I know, but I really don’t want to do that unless I ‘have’ to…

    Anne- thank you!

    Gerry- yeah, yeah, 🙂

    Rev- Thanks

    Jennifer- Ain’t it though… just not sure ‘which’ version!

    eia/CP- Thanks, appreciate it!

  10. YeeHaw & Congrats! I’ve learned a lot reading your posts and actually retained some of it…Thank You!

  11. Congrats, NFO! I haven’t been able to make the rounds like I use to, but this is still one of my very favorite blogs.

  12. Brighid- Thanks!

    Andy- Appreciate that.

    WSF- Thanks, I think… 😀

    Ed- Yep, I never thought I’d last this long!!!

  13. Thanks for keeping on. I enjoy your posts. I think I also discovered “Gay Cynic” through your link; thus, a few more good posts. May you continue in good health.

  14. I have to keep reading you, you are a blogger I have met and eaten with, and you are always on top of the Navy and what is happening. Thank you.

  15. Read you twice a day.
    Good read.
    Hope to meet you at GBR next September…I’ll buy.

  16. Robert- Thanks!

    John- GC is good folks!

    Earl- Thanks, I try! 🙂

    Skip- Going to try (again) to make it!

    CF/gfa- Thanks to you both!