A new addition to the ‘stable’…

Seems a few other folks are out picking up ‘strays’ that need a new home for a variety of reasons…

This one followed me home today…

Late 1942, early 1943 Winchester M-1 Carbine, correct, not arsenal rebuilt.

The stock was refinished, but other than that, it’s period correct…

It’s got the early style button safety, the older ‘squared’ ejector and muzzle wear indicates it’s about half life at this point.

The only thing “wrong” with it is that it’s missing the front sling swivel.  I’m betting this one was a DCM sale many years ago.  Good, tight, equal wear on the parts and ‘supposedly’ a good shooter.

Of course ‘good’ for these is 5 inches at 100 yards… In any case it has to be better than the last one of these I had (could hit the barn 3 of 5 standing INSIDE it…  Sold that one for $25…

Looking forward to getting to the range with it; of course that assumes I can FIND some ammo… sigh…


A new addition to the ‘stable’… — 37 Comments

  1. Possession of that weapon in the People’s Republik of California is a felony…

    A law coming soon to you.

  2. LL- I know, and if it comes this way, I’ll MOVE…

    Tango- Yep, it is nice, I just wish they hadn’t refinished it…

    Rev- I’ll find out as soon as I find some ammo… sigh

  3. The last Carbine I owned won me a turkey shoot with an off-hand head shot at 50 yards on the first try. I hope yours treats you as well!

  4. MSJ- Found some at CMP, that is IT!!!

    Brighid- Yep!

    Opus- Not complaining on this one… 🙂

    Stretch- Yep, thanks! Ordered…

    Daniels- Thank you! 😀

    Carteach- I’m SURE this one will be better than the last one… sigh

    Keads- Yep, ordered some. Until then it’ll have to be a safe queen… sigh

  5. Oh, she’s a beauty…I want. In reference to LL’s statement about the law….I’m sure you’ll ignore any law, as will I.

  6. Nice! I do operate “firearm day care” should your little darling need a place to play when you’re working.

  7. A simple single-stage reloading press and a few components bought in bulk is all you need for a lifetime supply of .30 carbine.

  8. What’s wrong with the refinishing job? Did some horrible person use Minwax instead of boiled linseed oil?

    I’d be happy to take that off your hands, should you be unable to find room in the gunsafe. 😛

  9. Sir that carbine is NOT correct; the rear sight is post war(it should have an “L” type flip sight In 1943). The rifle had a type “1” sling swivel ,They broke off at the drop of a hat. Realy nice “shooter” , Love me them war babies.

  10. All thanks for the comments, and Anon, thanks for that info. I was not aware of that.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. YOUR Carbine Ammo is in MY Ammo Can. Along with the Spare Mags, Stipper Clips, etc. You know how to get up here by now, so if you need to “Bug Out,” don’t forget the Carbine!

    BTW, Stay away from the Wolf Steel Cased Stuff if you need to shoot a lot. The Lacquer tends to melt and gum up the works. But it’s fine for Slow Fire, Bore Sighting, etc.

    I’ll send you a Picture today.

  12. We have a guy who cleans up in our tac rifle side matches with his M1 carbine.

    He was going to put all sorts of new age furniture on it till we told him that would be grounds for hanging.

    Enjoy it.


  13. Dad’s a Combat Engineer. Carried an M-1 Carbine in Korea AND Viet-Nam.
    On his second tour (1969) his First Sergent noticed the M-1 behind the desk.
    “Um, sir? We do have an M-16 allotted to you.”
    Dad replied “No, thank-you. I’m good with this.”
    Impressed the NCOs and senior staff officers.

  14. Skul- Plan to as soon as some ammo shows up 🙂

    Les- Roger all!

    Gerry- Good rifle, good shooter, that’s all it takes! 🙂

    drjim- I don’t think so…

    Stretch- Smart Man!!!

  15. That wood is beautifull. Back when I could still see 100 yards without glasses my brother and I used to shoot cigarettes with an m-1 carbine( Which I still own) so some of them are pretty accurate.