Once more into the breach…

I know I’m stoopid… But sometimes the ‘target’ is just too good to pass up…

Friday our token office liberal was crowing about women being allowed in combat, and how it was a WIN for all women…

Now this is the same one I’ve gone round with a couple of times, but THIS time I got her…

I told her yeah, that’s great, and I hope she likes having her daughter having to register for Selective Service and the draft!  

And I turned around and walked off, leaving her looking like Nemo… Gulping and turning various colors… 🙂

And I “DO” hope the start requiring women to register for the Selective Service now that they are allowed into combat.  That was always the ‘excuse’ before, that since they were restricted, there was no need for registration…

Let the unintended consequences begin! 😀


Once more into the breach… — 30 Comments

  1. Unintended consequences often bite liberals in the backside, and this time, it will be funny. Well, sort of.

  2. Shouldn’t even be a question . . . .

    Sadly, you can already see the spin begin about lowering physical requirements . . . . “if a woman can’t meet the physical goal – do we really need that goal?”

    WTF – I have yet to meet any woman who could successfully carry a 100# ruck for a week in the field. And to deprive her of armor, ammo and food would put her at tremendous risk . . . .

    This is going to be hard on the ladies – no doubt.

  3. If they want “equality” they can take all of the crap that comes with “glorious combat”. No time off for ‘that time of the month’, no bathing, carrying the 115 lbs ruck, and the draft.

    And we have to trash the whole concept of “nobody left behind” because non-hacker females will find that they can give aid and comfort to the enemy in ways they never did in USGOV service.

  4. Outstanding riposte….I’ll have to ruse that one myself..unfortunately not many libfems where I work

  5. Absolutely they should now register. They want to play the game, they have to abide by the same rules.

    I young woman who served in Iraq a couple years ago was in an RCIA class I helped with. She said that the full kit weighed 125 lbs.

  6. It looks like the “war on women” has now wandered into real combat and the progressives fired the first shot. I have the feeling they’ll regret supporting those that allowed the likes of Panetta.

  7. GL- Nope… Didn’t want to break the phone.

    Rev- Yeah…

    eia- Yep, as the Femlae Marine Capt indicated…

    JUGM- Concur!

    WSF- I see weaseling in the future…

    LL- Yep!

    Differ- Feel free!

    PH- Yep, and when you add 57lbs of basic equipment, it’s a ‘tad’ heavy… Even for the MEN!

    Jess- Agreed! I think ‘this’ social engineering is going to backfire on them!

  8. I wonder if they will have to shower in the same open field showers as the men.

  9. Drafting women should have always been. Draft does not mean combat positions exclusively only that those registered have to serve and they can easily serve as logistics or a host of other roles besides boots on the ground toting a rifle.


  10. No, Eck, I’m not with you on that.

    Allow women the dignity of being dismembered in combat. Allow them to be captured and tortured. Allow women to go weeks without a bath. Allow them to step on mines, get shot and loose their sight and hearing.

    I’ve frigging been there and it’s not a party.

    Keep in mind that the libtards advocating this wouldn’t go NEAR a battlefield. In the same way that liberals want heavily armed bodyguards, but don’t want to accord the common man the right to adequate self defense.

  11. Everyone is so concerned about the fail woman being in combat. Perhaps they should look at Israel. Pretty women can slice your throat, gut you and shoot you at a thousand yards just like a man. But God help’em if they get captured.

  12. I think women being in combat positions would be less of an issue if the same people who laud it as a victory for women’s rights weren’t demanding lower standards for them to get there.

  13. Duke- Yeah, like THAT is going to happen…

    Eck- Sorry, you’re wrong on that one…

    LL- COncur!

    CP- Yeah, they are some of the fiercest fighters!

    CF- Excellent point and in a nutshell THAT is going to be the real issue…

    WSF- Yep!

  14. You want equality or chivalry? Sorry, but you don’t get both.

  15. I’m sure the Liberals will be ecstatic when Al Jazeera airs a video of G.I. Jane being gang raped by Al Qaeda.

    Reality seems to be beyond Liberal’s grasp.

  16. There is always at least one dumb bovine in every office type environment. Be glad they are not herding where you are. I feel for you just for having to be around this one.

  17. Of course the problem with that is, I don’t really want my daughter to have to register for the draft and quite frankly I am getting beyond sick of having to pay the consequences for other people’s poor choices. I have no issue with women being in combat. If they can do the job as required without an exceptions, but to make policy and now force my children to comply pisses me off! I prefer that my daughter not become a casualty in their social experiment. But, in the words of Hilary Clinton, what difference does it make anyway…

  18. AGirl: Selective Service registration either needs to be all or nothing. In order to receive federal financial aid for school, and a host of other things, I had to register on my 17th birthday… and there is a “Gender M/F” tick-box on the form.

    Either shut it down completely and eliminate the requirement for men too, or apply it across the board.

    Woman gets drafted and can’t hack the physical requirements? There are PLENTY of rear-area and CONUS jobs that need doing.

  19. Coffeypot,

    Last I checked, Israel does not use women in ground combat roles. They can act as instructors for say, tank gunnery, but not as tank crewmen.

    AFAIK, they do receive the same basic combat training as every other Israeli soldier, which is a good idea — not everyone needs full MOSQ light infantry training, but there is no reason why a female cleark shouldn’t receive the same combat training as her male counterparts in the same assignments. I’m not aware of any US military branch that differenciates between combat training for females and males within the same billet — except, ISTR that ALL male Marines go through the School of Infantry, and NO female Marines do. Since the idea is to ensure that all eligible Marines are fully qualified to serve in an infantry billet (regardless of their primary MOS), and female Marines are (for now) restricted from serving in those same billets, it’s a distinction without a difference — USMC simply makes all males get a secondary MOS of infantry. If female Marines are eligible to serve in infantry billets, I suspect they will be run through SOI as well.

  20. Zer Cool, my point is not that it shouldn’t be an all or nothing…it should. I don’t think one group of people should be exempt. If women in combat is the deal then they should have to register, but my point is that a group of people decided to make the change with their liberal ideals(and they will make exceptions) and now regardless if I agree or not, have to comply. the point is that the consequences are rarely paid by the folks ordering the change, but instead by me or my family…gun control, health care reform, women in combat…None of these policies are going to effect those in office and I am sick of it!!!

  21. 25 comments? jeez, FOE, are you lonely… are you going to burst into tears? You know the tricks of getting people to chime in, I’ll give you that. Seriously: [of all the agencies to pull the plug on & ZERO out in the Federal Budget: Selective Service. Useless pogues.] Also, we would all be better off disallowing people under the age of 30 from deploying to combat. If they, or my peers (ahem – over 40) – male AND female deployed today… let’s just say we would have little shards of radioactive bone, skin & teeth opposing us. Can’t scam me, pal.

  22. Geokyt-

    All Marines go to SOI, regardless of sex. Only the 03’s go through the whole school. The rest get the abbreviated version called MCT.

    Our Female Marines are trained in the same school alongside the men to the same standard as every other non-03.

  23. Had one more thought about this today as I was driving between appointments . . . .

    Once her daughter – or anyone’s daughter – is fully integrated into a combat position . . .

    And when an enemy force makes a concerted effort to penetrate their position and she calls for help on the radio/satphone/landline . . .

    And that call reaches the highest levels of our government . . . . the Big O himself . . . .

    How does she feel knowing that help is NOT coming . . . .

  24. Anon – Point!

    Stretch- True!

    ADM- Yep, VERY thankful…

    Agirl- Understood and agreed, but this one got done anyway!

    Zer- That’s a change, it was men only back in the 60’s

    Geodk- Good point

    Agirl- Yep, they will weasel out one way or the other… BTST…

    Russell- Yep, send the old and grumpy and it’d be over MUCH more quickly…

    Heath- Thanks I wasn’t aware of that!

    eia- Oh… ZING…

  25. I have stated it again and again..The people pushing this crap will make sure that their daughters will not be affected by this. “Flyover” country daughters will pay the price for this social engineering.