Attended a retirement of an old friend from the Navy on Friday…

For those who have never seen it, it is a very structured ceremony honoring the individual and they family (if present) for their service to the Navy and the country.

“Wreck” was one of those JOs that everybody thought would never make LT, much less make a career of the Navy; he did 10 years active and 20 in the reserves, had command, did well and retired as a Captain on 30…

It was old home week, folks coming out of the woodwork to honor Wreck and his family.  “Bubba” was the guest speaker, and regaled not only us but the family with stories from over the years (and some I don’t think Marcia had ever heard to judge from her response).  He was formally piped ashore with the requisite 8 sideboys, in this case with two admirals in the eight, and a couple of folks that had a ‘bit’ of trouble fitting into their uniforms since they’d been retired for a while.

Once the official ceremony was over, folks met at the reception in a much more ‘relaxed’ atmosphere and the stories really started flying…

Marcia was still ‘stunned’ that it was finally over, and she told me she just couldn’t believe after 28 years there wouldn’t be any more deployments, calls, road trips, and weekends/weeks with Wreck gone.   

And she told us to get him drunk for old times sake… 🙂  

Bubba had managed to get a bunch of photos from over the years and put them into a powerpoint that ran on the big screen in the background.  Quite a few of the pics brought up comments, memories, flights and missions, odd happenings, det ops, and more sea stories along with memories of folks no longer with us.  

We had the requisite toasts, and the last was to Absent Comrades.

On the screen was the following:

Navy Flyer’s Creed

I am a United States Navy flyer.
My countrymen built the best airplane in the world and entrusted it to me.
With my fellow pilots  air crew and deck crews my plane and I will do anything necessary to carry out our tremendous responsibilities.  I will always remember we are part of an unbeatable combat team the United States Navy.  When the going is fast and rough, I will not falter, I will be uncompromising in every blow I strike. 
I will be humble in victory. 
I am a United States Navy flyer.
I have dedicated myself to my country, with i’s many millions of all races, colors and creeds.
They and their way of life are worth my greatest protective effort.
I ask the help of God in making that effort great enough.

I think that was a pretty appropriate way to end the reception…


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  1. It would be tough to retire from something you love so much! God bless them all, thank them for their service and sacrifices.

  2. LL- Yep, we did that toast too! 🙂

    ADM- It is a mixture of relief and what the hell do I do now…

  3. Good job by your friend. Sadly, most people don’t understand how traditions can carry the day when everything else is going sideways.

  4. Fair Winds… Thanks to your friend for his dedicated service to our country. I think he is getting out at a good time.
    Retirement is such an adjustment. So good luck to him on that.

    I love the pomp and circumstance of any military ceremony, all are steeped in tradition. It did make me a bit sad that when he retired Senior did not want one. Instead we just threw a big pool party.

  5. WSF- Good point!

    Opus- I’ll do it for you.

    Rick- Concur!

    Rev- That they are!

    JUGM- Heard that, and it IS dependent on the individual.

  6. A great toast and I’ll lift my cup (bottle) to Wreck, too.

    I enjoy the nick names you jocks have and wonder how the name came about. What was yours and what is the story?

  7. I learn something new every day.

    It is possible to use “humble” nad “Navy Flyer” in the same paragraph.

    Well done to Wreck and friends.


  8. Fair winds and following seas!

    Sounds like quite the send-off, even if he was an airedale… 😛 (former bubblehead, personally).