If it’s Wednesday…

It MUST be California… sigh…

When you see THIS in the elevator, it’s a ‘reminder’… 

Little kid was asking his mom if he pushed it would he cause an earthquake…LOL

In other news, saw one of those funky Range Rovers in hot pink with a license plate surround that said Happiness is polished nails across the top and Shopping for new clothes across the bottom.  And the back window was FULL of Neiman Marcus bags…

Glad I’m not married to the blonde driving that thing, I’d be broke in ONE day… 


If it’s Wednesday… — 12 Comments

  1. California makes such a big deal about ‘quakes. Heck, we had a 9.2 in ’64 that killed people, destroyed whole towns, and caused a tsunami that hit Antarctica. You don’t us whining about it. Suck it, California. :^)

    Heh. (/rant off)

  2. An earthquake button?!?! Is that a expensive option=)

    Uh, yeah that sounds like a money vacuum there.

  3. I’m glad I’m not married to ANY of the bimbo’s in CA. They are all Democrats or illegal or both.

  4. I added a little blurb to one sign depicting what to do and where to go in an emergency with a little square that said “do NOT use Twitter”.

  5. PH- “WE” may be, odds are hubby is NOT!

    GB- Possibly, but would it be ‘worth’ it???

    Rev- LOL, good point!

    Keads- Its actually a ‘warning’ button according to management… Apparently ‘required’… As if the shaking of the building is not ENOUGH of a hint!

    CP- point!

    Brighid- Knowing you, I figured you’d get a laugh out of that one… 🙂 My bet is that Range Rover has never even BEEN on a dirt road…

    Brigid- LOL, good point!