Interesting video from NY State…

This one is interesting for what is said, and the ‘lack’ of response from the officials…

From Buffalo where officials were doing a town hall type meeting to ‘explain’ the new NY gun laws…

Can’t help but wonder if they took names of the attendees???

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Interesting video from NY State… — 15 Comments

  1. They held similar indoctrinations around the state. I was unable to attend since I was working. Yes, there were sign-in sheets. And I’m willing to bet there were at least a few unmarked troop cars taking pictures and noting license plate numbers outside.

  2. Como just did what HE wanted to without regard to the people of NY and their opinions. I agree with these people and I can see a time, if this bullshit keeps up, that there will be blood in the streets. How do the keep electing dumb-asses like that then get upset when they act like the Socialist that they are?

  3. Interesting to see how this plays out. Do they mean it, or will they cave? Freedom hangs in the balance.

  4. Zer- Thanks for the update. And that figures…

    Suz- Isn’t it though…

    CP- Cause they bring $$… That’s why!

    ASM- Agreed! Is this the next Lexington???

  5. Statement: “If you have an illegal weapon or an illegal magazine, you have to dispose of those.”

    Response: “(cat calls and laughs)”

    Most hunters don’t have illegal weapons. But they know how to obtain a “black rifle” from a government person and all of the magazines and ammo that they need should they decide that they need one.

  6. From the attitude of that crowd I’m not sure too many of them were concerned if they were identified or not.

    “If there has to be a fight, let it begin with me.”

  7. Like ZerCool said – names, plates, pictures…

    And like rremington said (paraphrasing) – f**k ’em all!

  8. Here’s a video from a Sandyhook resident. He’s not about to surrender his guns either.

  9. God help us. We will resist our oppressors.
    Our Founding Fathers would never have stood for this without a fight.
    Oh. That’s right. They fought.

  10. Everyone should see this video. I’m sending the link to everyone on my list.

    Don F

  11. Sadly, most federal and state officials are NOT listening. It seems to be beyond their imagination that citizens will actually resist this gun grab. There’s going to be a rude awakening down the road . . . .

  12. The number of firearms lost overboard recently is simply astonishing!
    My AR is usually firmly secured to my surfboard, but somehow it came loose and went over the side while I was tubed by a nice 6 footer. Damn!