Vets helping Vets…

Linoge is running another giveaway to help Vets, this time it’s HAVA, Honored American Veterans Afield, which gets folks back into the field and hunting.  

The link is HERE for the giveaway.  If you’ve got a few spare bucks, this IS a good cause and kudos to Linoge for putting yet another one together!  Last year over $2300 was raised for Soldier’s Angels.

And here’s one for all of you that think the .50BMG is just NOT enough gun…

Snerk… User friendly my ass…  I ‘might’ shoot it once, just to say I did…

h/t to JP for the 20mm


Vets helping Vets… — 13 Comments

  1. I thought that “hunter” was a code word for “enemy of the state” in Washington DC these days.

    Even though it would seem to be politically inopportune to speak of veterans and firearms in the same sentence these days, the causes are worthy and the recipients deserving.

  2. I fired a development model of that beast back in South Africa during the mid-1990’s. It’s a very interesting weapon, albeit large and heavy. It was developed on the basis of operational experience by South Africa’s Reconnaissance Commandos during the Border War in the 1980’s, and designed primarily for anti-materiel rather than anti-personnel use. See:

    The 20mm. option is designed for use up to about 1,500 yards maximum range, and offers explosive warheads. The 14.5mm. option is a longer-range version, offering accuracy out to similar range limits to the .50-caliber US sniper rifles (about 2,500 yards), but with a heavier projectile retaining greater energy. It uses an armor-piercing incendiary bullet.

    The weapon’s disadvantage is its bulk and weight – a good 50% more than, say, the Barrett .50-caliber rifle. On the other hand, it offers greater anti-materiel effectiveness than the .50-caliber round. The recoil isn’t as bad as it looks; more of a push or a shove than a punch. The multiple spring- and hydraulic-powered recoil absorbtion systems, coupled with a Barrett-like muzzle brake, make it feel no worse than a heavy 12ga. shotgun load. Even so, from a prone position, it will rock you!

    For more info on the rifle, see:

    As I said . . . an interesting beast.

  3. LL- That they are!

    Peter- Thanks! But user friendly??? at 70lbs WITHOUT ammo???

    ASM- He must have been smoking something!!!

  4. JR- LOL

    CP- Yeah, you’d be ‘hunting’ the squirrel alright… And there wouldn’t be enough left to identify… 😉

  5. I’d love to turn that 20mm loose on the ground squirrels in a friend’s pasture…

    I swear that every month we go out there and shoot up every whistlepig we can see, and then a month later it’s like we were never there!

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