Random Travel Thoughts…

Pro travel tip-  Those yoga pants and yoga tops are probably NOT appropriate for airline travel, especially if you don’t wear anything under them, and then sprawl out on the airplane sleeping…  Unless you’re advertising for your night time job.  Just sayin…

The flight attendants kept trying to cover her up the whole time…

And I’m truly thankful for my Nook, so far this trip I’ve read six books, one of them almost 1000 pages long.  And all of them fit in one nice little package!!!

A generation of freeloaders (and picky ones at that)-  At the hotel in San Diego I was sitting on the balcony overlooking the parking lot (such a view) and ‘enjoying’ an early morning cup of sludge.  I watched a set of seagulls ‘patrol’ over the trash cans in the parking lot, then watched one dive onto one particular trash can, dip in and pull out a McDonald’s bag…

It took the bag over to an open spot on the parking lot and drop it, when it didn’t come open, it landed (along with the other three birds) and it grabbed the BOTTOM of the bag and shook it till the contents spread out.  

When I went down and told the manager, she sighed and said they watched them do that every day but ONLY for McDonald’s bags, nothing else!!!

We had a discussion at lunch today about the ‘immigration’ bill(s) floating around including the latest from the administration gives illegals an immediate visa and they can become ‘legal’ in 8 years… However, there is no plan to actually enforce the fiscal self–sufficiency clause so that the illegals don’t immediately and permanently go on welfare (of course THAT is apparently not being enforced anyway)…  Cause if you actually make them ‘work’ for their money they’re not going to vote democrat.  

And I wonder if they really understand what will happen with minimum wage going to $9/hr…  What’s that going to do to prices for consumer goods?  How about the Big Mac?  $8-9 for a Big Mac??? $4/gal milk?  

Gas prices are still rising and no end in sight; because the companies can’t build/upgrade new refineries; while in other countries they can do all the environmental paperwork and build a new refinery in 2 years…

And why can’t we get some of those VW’s and Mercedes cars over here that get 70+ mpg on diesel?  TDI/clean diesel/Blue-e-motion is alive and well and being sold every day in Europe.  Hell in 2010 I had a little Mercedes A140 that got 70mpg (imperial), which equated to about 52mpg US…  And I heard Toyota and others in Japan are dropping the electric cars as a loss leader, and won’t be exporting/selling them in the US.  

And an odd little sunset picture… Dark and gloomy except for one high sirrus that was lit by the setting sun!

And this morning, it was HAILING in San Diego… sigh…


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  1. I love San Diego down by the Base and hotel row across and up the road from the old boot camp, but not the hills. And seagulls are might particular about their diet. How do you think they to be so hefty? MickyD’s.

  2. I prefer the Ballast Point BOQ’s (old and new) to the BOQ at Coronado.

    I prefer the Convention Area hotels to the Harbor Island hotels because you can loiter in the Gas Lamp District and walk to where you’re staying.

    The $9/hr minimum wage won’t impact California all that much because State Minimum wage isn’t that far off. ($8/hr statewide $10.25/hr in San Francisco) Oregon is $8.95/hr and Washington is $9.20/hr. There are other parts of the country where it will be far more keenly felt.

    And most of the wetbacks/new Americans vote, are on welfare, use their ObamaPhones to call the family back home in Chihuahua, etc. already. So the new status wont change things.

    So don’t be sad. It’s already as fucked up as you anticipate that it one day may be.

  3. Heavy sigh . . . . perhaps I need to start drinkin’ early today . . . .

    Here we’re waiting for our blizzard today. I’m bettin’ on a bust, but you never know.

  4. I was so anti Nook forever. I really like actual books, but for travel that little thing is a major plus. Just bought the little one for E’s 1oth birthday. She is an avid reader.

  5. It is amazing what one is forced to see during long flights.

    e-readers are a wonderful saving grace, and save tons of space in luggage.

  6. Yoga pants are like things marked “one size fits all”.. honestly one size does not fit all. : ) And yoga pants as comfy as they are, were not intended to be worn as daily wear.

    Have a safe trip. Never been to San diego but I like the chargers..Senior has been a few times, brought me back a T-shirt once.

  7. I woke up to a whiteout this morning. We’re on the southern edge of the “great midwest snowmeggedon” as the local newsies are calling it. I’d guess we’re due for 7-8″. The entire KC metro area is in a state of emergency, so says KC Mayor Sly James.

    I think I’ve about 5″ in my backyard. It’s the first heavy snow we’ve had since 2010.

  8. Coffee and a sunrise, beer and a sunset. Not too bad where I come from.


  9. Pax- Thanks!

    CP- LOL, staying on Harbor Island right across from NTC.

    LL- All good points, but we’re not ‘allowed’ to stay in the Q…

    eia- I would, but… I need to buy dinner, can’t do both on perdiem anymore…

    agirl- Watch out, you’ll be hooked! 🙂

    Rev- True and true!

    JUGM- Just enjoy the t-shirt and forget the rest…LOL

    WSF- Yep! And I got downstairs one had crapped in the middle of the windshield… sigh

    Crucis- but YOU can deal with it… SD, not so much…

    Gerry- Yep! 🙂

  10. I am so with you on the diesel question. All over Germany, little diesel delivery/dump/lift/flatbed trucks. Why not here?
    They will never wear out. If I buy one today, I will be driving it 10 years from now. Heck, I might pull the engine and put it in another frame at 10 years and drive it another 10.
    That’s why we will never see them. I want a Ford Ranger size truck with a three-to-four liter diesel in it.

  11. NFO, we have to deal with more snow than I thought. We got 12-14″. Neighbor used his snow blower to clean our driveway. The slice revealed how deep it really was. More coming Monday…another 6-8 so the say. A this rate, it’ll beat the 2 1/2 ‘ we got in 2010.